Week beginning 19th May

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This week the children had to imagine what it would be like to be big.
The role play area was set up like a model village giving the children the feeling of been like a giant!





 When the children arrived on Monday  they had a very big surprise. A giant had arrived in the classroom!

 The children had to imagine that the giant had come to school because he had lost his way. 
 They had design a map of an imaginary place. Would the giant be able to use it to find his way around?

He told us his own version of the Three Little Pigs. The children really enjoyed it.

Our week started off with a visit from the author Alan Gibbons.

He told them all about his very first book that he written, then he read the story to them.

In maths the children were learning all about weighing.

The Learn It's mathematics champions in the infants this week went to Mrs Farrell's class they improved their scores from the week before by 6%.
 Well done !!
The children have a time limit to complete as many additions as they can.  The aim is that children quickly build up knowledge of number facts that will help them in their future progress in Maths.  We’ve started sending their results home to practise and celebrate their achievements.  As time goes on we’ll shorten the time to add extra challenge!  The children really enjoy the fun soundtrack that goes with it and the time challenge too!
Mr Smith's class doing this weeks Learnt It's.
We have introduced the Beebot for the first time this week. It is bright and colourful programmable floor robot in the form of a bee. It gives the chance to teach control, directional language and programming to young children.
"I want it to go forward three squares"
"can it turn the corner to go to the shops?"
Mrs Farrell's class listen to Mathew and his Mum do show and tell.

Mr Smith's class find out all about how Lewis used to live in Australia.

 The children are really enjoying playtime.

Mrs Hopkinson has bought some new equipment for the children to use outside. They really had fun using their imaginations to build and play.
"we have built a secret house"

"This is our red van we are delivering crates to the other children so they can use them to play with"
Busy in the construction room ordering bricks to build with.
Looking through the book for building ideas.
Alba brought in her violin to show the class. She has only just started lessons but still managed to show us what she had learnt.  Well done Alba!
Mrs Farrell's Star of the week 
Mr Smith's Writer of the week


Mr Smith's Stars of the week

Mr Smith's Maths star of the week 

The reception staff would like to wish all the children and their families a happy holiday.
 We will see you all back on
Tuesday 3rd June.