Week beginning 23rd February

posted 2 Mar 2015, 03:08 by Karen Breen

This week we have been looking at the different ways in which the Chinese new year is celebrated.

We were very lucky to start our day with a visit from Thomas's mummy who did a lovely talk on the Chinese new year and how their family celebrated it by going to Hong Kong. 


Thank you to Thomas and his mum for bringing all the children some Chinese sweets to try.
The children have been enjoying doing dance and making their own music.

 The children have enjoyed the Chinese restaurant. T

This week our Bug Research Lab opened in our role play area.  Here the children get the chance to learn and explore through their play. They get the chance to have a go with the lab equipment, there is even a real working microscope that is projected onto the computer screen.  Lots of factual books posters and cards are available to look at.  They can record their findings on the lab sheets and do observational drawings. To make the experience even more exciting they can dress up in the white lab coats, wellies, goggles and gloves. It has been a great success so far as you can see from our photos.


 We had a great Friday afternoon doing lots of Chinese art activities, everything from lanterns, dragon masks, money envelopes, Chinese hats and much more.