Week beginning 23rd June

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World War 1 Week
As part of our WW1 week, the children went to visit the war memorial on our Wednesday walk. The children found out why we lay poppies  and what the memorial was for.
 The reception children wrote about school life during WW1 and also made some poppy pictures. These were displayed in the school exhibition. If you did not get a chance to see it, you may get an idea from the photos. The
children's work was outstanding!
Inside a WW1 classroom

 We had a little bit of fun and transported our children and staff back to 1914.  Can you spot your child?


"Not sure about the beard Mr Smith!"
It was Scarlet's turn to do her show and tell.  She told us about her great  Great Great Granddad who fought in the war. She showed us a photograph of him and his medal.
Other show and tells from last week. 
Chloe and her mum.
 Show and tell from beginning of this week.
Jack and his mum.

 Miss Hanna Bickmeyer is Modern Foreign Languages Assistant from Germany. She has been in our school since March. This week she came to Mr Smith's class to help out.  The children had great fun learning a German song. A very catchy tune which the children sang all day! I'm sure they will sing it for you too!

'Schnappii Dos Kleine  Krokodil Schappi 

 (The Little Crocodile)

The children finding out where Miss  Bickmeyer is from.

 We say a sad farewell to Miss Mallard today who finishes her teaching practice today. We wish her well in her new job as a teacher, which she starts in September. 

The children say a fond farewell with a party.


 Endeavour award winner in Mr Smith



Mr Smith's Maths star
Mr Smith's English star of the week