Week beginning 27th April

posted 8 May 2015, 01:10 by Karen Breen   [ updated 8 May 2015, 03:27 ]

Mr Smith's class making the most of the nice weather.  Phonics and maths outside.
A great afternoon was had by all the foundation stage when they had outdoor P.E together.
With Mrs Breen we have been looking at the famous art work from Andy Warhol. We looked at how he made his pictures using the same object and changing its background and colour.

The children chose a farm animal to create their picture.

 Also the children this week had a TASC day. The challenge was to build a home for a farm animal. The children were all put into teams.



TASC stands for “Thinking Actively in a Social Context”. The aim is to engage our children (the learners) in problem solving activities not just filling the children with knowledge. It is minimum recording and maximum thinking. The great thing about TASC is that children cannot make mistakes; they have “RETHINKS”. It encourages children to become more independent in their learning, to take more ownership of their learning and to be risk takers.

Planning their animal home.