Week beginning 28th April

posted 2 May 2014, 05:45 by Karen Breen
Welcome back to all our children we hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
 Our topic this half term is IMAGINE IF.....

Big Maths Learn Its!

In Reception we have now started doing weekly Maths challenges called “Learn Its”.  The children have a time limit to complete as many additions as they can.  The aim is that children quickly build up knowledge of number facts that will help them in their future progress in Maths.  We’ve started sending their results home to practise and celebrate their achievements.  As time goes on we’ll shorten the time to add extra challenge!  The children really enjoy the fun soundtrack that goes with it and the time challenge too!


 Our role play area has been changed into a place where the children can let their imaginations run free. The costumes this week allow them to try out jobs that they may like to  do when they are grown up. We have had everything from a space lady feeding her baby in a rocket , doctors, police, mums and dads, to fireman rescuing the vet!


There was some fantastic building going on in the construction room this week. Two of the children chose to recreate the Empire State Building out of the super structure book. As you can see they have done an amazing job. 

 Also new this week was the chance for the children to use their imagination on the instant art table. They were given a variety of 3D materials to create a picture. A camera was also left on the table for them to use to take a photo of their art when they had finished.


 Another new area which has proved very popular is the malleable area. Children love to play with dough it is relaxing and creative and there is no right answer.  It encourages the development of fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and offers opportunities for the development of language and social skills.





These children were pretending that they were working in a pizza place.  "we are pizza chefs and we are lining up the pizzas. What would you like on top?"
 The art task this week was to try and imagine what job they would like to do when they are all grown up. We had everything from a teacher to an archaeologist !
"I am going to be a teacher when I grow up like my mummy"
"I want to be a mum"
" I want to be a policeman"
To see more fantastic pictures come and look at our display in the art area. 


" It will be cool to be a footballer for Nottingham Forest"
Above is our light box this week the children had the chance to recreate the rainbow.
Junk modelling is an activity that is freely available to the children.  They work independently choosing their own materials and making what ever they choose. The children surprise us every day with some of their wonderful creations.