Week beginning 2nd February

posted 6 Feb 2015, 07:44 by Karen Breen

Here are the endeavour award winners for the last two weeks
 .....and our stars of the week for the past two weeks.
We have introduced the 'Learn It's' mathematics challenge.
The children have a time limit to complete as many additions as they can.  The aim is that children quickly build up knowledge of number facts that will help them in their future progress in Maths.   As time goes on we’ll shorten the time to add extra challenge!  The children really enjoy the fun soundtrack that goes with it and the time challenge too!

The children retelling the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' , with musical sound effects.
The children this week have been doing a science investigation to find out which materials are waterproof.


 Practicing number bonds.
 Some fantastic construction has been going on this week.

In art they have been making their own windmills that really work!!!

Great independent maths learning! Writing all the numbers to 100 !

 Endeavour award winners

Stars of the week 

 Star writer of the week

Star mathematician of the week