Week beginning 5th May

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Role play area costumes this week were changed to traditional dress from other countries





In maths  the children have been learning how to double a number.
Within the classroom the children had lots of different experiences available to them, to practice their doubling.



In literacy the task was to describe a setting.
The setting they had to use was from the book ' Where The Wild Things Are'


The art activity this week really caught the children's imagination. They had to firstly design their own Wild Thing creature then choose and gather up the materials they needed to create their collage.






 'ummmmm, smell this mint stew''

'I'm making a fruit salad, I need to squish this with the garlic press then get, tomatoes, apples, oranges......'
Outside the 'Natures kitchen' was open for the children to explore. Here they get a chance to learn new skills, how to use the utensils properly and the language that goes with it. Real herbs, leaves, fruit and vegetables are available. 


Carrying on with The Wild Thing theme the children made masks, wrote their own stories and drew some fantastic pictures.


Guided reading is a  group activity that children take part in.

Show and tell this week was very interesting. We heard about a very old toy train that had been past down their family from a Great Great Granddad. 'I really liked it when my Dad came in to do my show and tell with me'

 Showing off the football programme that they were both in.

The piano backing Sewing with the Dore village society continued.

 Award winners this week in Mr Smith's class.
Endeavour award winner
Maths star winner


Writing star winner
 Star of the week
 Award winners in Mrs Farrell's class
Endeavour award winner
'I'm so excited I have never won this before I can't wait to show my Mummy'

 Star of the week