week beginning 6th October

posted 10 Oct 2014, 07:20 by Karen Breen   [ updated 20 Oct 2014, 20:59 by Lynnette Glossop ]
This week Mrs Hopkinson came into our base to do a very special assembly for the children. It was very exciting as some of the children received a special head teacher award and a very special cup was presented too!

Congratulations to Ben who is the first winner this year of the 'Willow Cup' (community cup). In the summer a former pupil called Willow donated this especially for the  infant department.  The junior department already run a community cup, thanks to Willow's generosity,  it has now been extended to the infants. Ben is the worthy winner as this week he looked after Jacob a new child who started in his class, giving him a thorough tour of the class and school in very fine detail!! He also made sure that he was never alone talking him through every part of the day.  Well done Ben!!

Head Teacher Awards for Freddy, Maisie, Henry and Kathryn for taking home a maths challenge and completing them very well.  Congratulations to Amy for doing great home learning and making an excellent Humpty Dumpty.

In art this week with Mrs Breen, the children used their art book for the first time. They had to draw all the people in their family.



Miss Travis introduced a fine motor skill activity.  Printing with small sponge squares.

Circle time with Mrs Russell was all about acting out the Gingerbread Man. The children had great fun and all had a chance to act out the story.

It just about stayed dry for our sponsored walk.  Thank you to all the parents who turned out to support their children and the school.  We all had great fun in the mud.

Other learning this week


The children have been learning about length and have been making long lines with cubes and measuring and comparing them. The children showed great teamwork.  Some of the cube lines went all around the classroom!!!!

The gingerbread man number line.  Can you put all the gingerbread men in the correct number order?

Working together.                                       Nearly there.                           Well done Romeo and Kate!!  no help at all.

After last weeks lessons they can now use the Bee Bot's independently. 


Fantastic construction and team work.

Endeavour award winner Mrs Farrell's class 


 Endeavour award winner for Mr Smith's class


Star of the week award winner for Mr Smith's class


Star of the week award winner Mrs Farrell's class


Mrs Farrell's class were the winners of Boris the bear.  He is awarded in the infants for the class who shows the best lunch time behaviour.  The mid day supervisors nominate a class for the award each week.  Well done children!