week beginning 7th April

posted 11 Apr 2014, 06:48 by Karen Breen
 Our week started with an Easter bonnett parade. There were some amazing hats and the children got the chance to show them off when they paraded through Dore Village. Thanks to all the parents who walked with us and to those who came to watch along the way. 
It was very exciting when we got together to watch the ducklings swim. 
We all had a go at some duckling maths!
"If we have 1 duckling in this bowl and 2 ducklings in this bowl.  How many do we have altogether?"
 " 1,2,3,4,5,6.....7,8,9. There's 9 altogether"
The  children also did some singing about the ducks. The ducklings really enjoyed it as they swam and dived under the water.
When the ducklings went outside the children decided that they would like to draw them. What a fantastic job they did.

They grew and grew and it was time to go with the lady to Whirlow farm, their new home.
Working hard writing our spring poems.
Lets make an Easter card.
Show and tell
 The last day of school, it's time to enjoy and share our toys from home.
Congratulations to Receptions Citizenship trophy winner for this term.
Our week ended in the afternoon with an Easter egg hunt. This was organised by the year 6 pupils who plan and take charge of a fantastic afternoon.
Thank you very much to year 6.
You can see from the photos how much fun the children had.
Our topic next term will be
IMAGINE IF.........
The Reception team would like to wish you all a
 Happy Easter.