Week beginning 8th September

posted 12 Sep 2014, 04:17 by Karen Breen
 This week the children  were introduced to a daily job. (focused work)
In our writing books we had a go at writing our names.
As an extension to learning to recognise their name, the children had a go at the name fishing game. 
Can they catch the fish with their name on?
Can they catch a fish and read their friends name? 


 In maths this week we have been doing a counting job and have also been learning our 2D shapes.

 The children have been introduced to their first school reading book.  Every child has read to a member of the reception team. 
There will be a reading meeting for parents next week.  Thursday 18th 8.45a.m
We have seen some great independent reading choices this week.  Here are some of the children enjoying looking at the books.

The children are now encouraged to get a book as they arrive in a morning while they are waiting for their friends to arrive.

 We all enjoyed circle time in the hall.

Independent learning.

"I've made a fire rocket"


The children have been introduced to class Dojo. You will hear the children refer to this as monster points. This is a classroom tool that rewards children's good behaviour in their classroom quickly and easily. Each child has their own monster with their name on. As they are rewarded with a point, it is electronically recorded to their own monster.  At the end of the week the child with the most points will receive star of the week.

Points are rewarded for a variety of good behaviour and manners.