Week beginning 9th June

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This week we are basing our work on the  ' Farmer Duck' story.
The children here are acting out the story in circle time.
The writing task was to see if they could write down what farmer duck really said.
Nicholas and his mum came to do his show and tell box.
Nicholas had lots of interesting things to share and talk about.
 In maths the children were learning about repeating patterns. they were given the challenge of making their
Hooray the sun is out! At last the children can do their P.E lesson outside. They were learning all about the art of control and accuracy.
 Philosophy circle time for Mrs Farrell's class.
 Question: How are families different?
A: "some have brothers and sisters in it"
A: "We have got four in our family"
A: "Families are all different"
On Thursday we went had the chance to enjoy some singing with the Toffee Music company. They were in world war 1 themed dress. A great start for world war 1 theme next weeks.
The children learnt all about the different instruments and were able to join in with the songs.
 The children had the chance to picnic outside for their lunch this week.


If you didn't know the world cup starts this week !! In the classroom we have set up a football pitch and information centre.  Lots of books to research countries, football and the history of football.  This is a fun and topical way to engage the children in their reading.
Carrying on the world cup theme, the children had the chance to look at flags from around the world. Then they had an afternoon of flag designing. They could choose to paint, collage draw or even chalk on the floor.
  For maths day  the children had to try and identify 2D shapes on historical artefacts.  This is totally different to just identifying a single 2D shape and really challenges the children.




 Every child in the school has a log-in to the Mathletics website (mathletics.co.uk)  where they can complete maths tasks alone or in competition with classmates or children from around the world! There is an expectation that every child will use the website at least once a week as part of the school's focus on Learning at Home. Please encourage your child to use Mathsletics.

Congratulations to Leo who achieved his bronze certificate.  He was very proud and managed to explain to the children what he had to do and what his next goal was going to be.  We were very impressed with his knowledge and understanding of mathletics challenge. Well done Leo.
Endeavour award Mr Smith's class 
Mr Smith's Star of the week

 Mrs Farrell's Stars of the week
Endeavour award Mr Smith's class 
Mr Smith's Maths Star
Mr Smith's Star Writer