Welcome Back!

posted 15 Jan 2018, 09:03 by Matthew Smith
Our first post of 2018 and Mr Smith is yet to write "2017" on any books...we say "yet".

During our first week back we had a "Kindness" focus that we will be continuing in the background throughout the year.  Each class has had a set of scales which we have been filling with names of children who have done a kind deed to us during the day.  We really want the children to know why kindness is important and understand the positive impact so children need to tell us why they have given their friend a kindness block.  

We have looked at stories with a kindness focus such as Sharing a Shell and the Smartest Giant in Town and also read and listened to the Rainbow Fish and collaged a scale for a big Rainbow Fish display.  We have discussed kindness and what a good friend is and written a kindness pledge where we promise to do something that is kind.

We hope you have enjoyed 2018 so far and it is an enjoyable year for all!

Here are some pictures from the base over the last week.