We went on a bear hunt

posted 5 Feb 2018, 12:24 by Matthew Smith
Over the last fortnight, Foundation have been exploring the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  Some of our activities have included:
  • Literacy - onomatopaeia in the story and using our segmenting skills to write some of them.  Searching for bears in our classroom and writing high frequency words or segmenting the names of types of bears.
  • Maths - Addition chilli challenges.
  • Story maps of Bear Hunt.
  • Using Beebots to plot the path of the story.
We're very grateful to Sammy's Mum who came along to share with us what she does in her role as a physiotherapist.

We hope you enjoy the photos below!

Over the next fortnight we will be exploring Chinese New Year.  It will then be half term, so more to come then on our blog.