What a beautiful week! We weren't scared!

posted 15 Jan 2016, 09:10 by Matthew Smith
This week a bear set up home in the outdoor area and left footprints  around the provision!  Surprisingly this didn't make "Look North" but the children had fun recreating Michael Rosen's classic "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  The low temperatures apparently had no effect on the imaginations in Foundation!  We hope you enjoy the pictures below.

What's been happening?
  • Listened to the We're Going on a Bear Hunt story.  Children took turns to "hot seat" and be the bear for a while and answer questions from the bear's point of view!
  • Maths - introduced money and recognising UK coins.
  • Wrote a fact about Black Bears.
  • Played with giant Numicon on the carpet areas.
  • Had great fun outdoors acting the story in many different ways.
  • Colour hunters: used phonics to write down items we saw of a certain colour outdoors.
  • Played with our new water chutes!
  • Built bear caves with giant polydron.
  • Made giant bear footprints in the sand.