Whirlow Adventure!

posted 30 Apr 2018, 08:32 by Matthew Smith
We hope everyone has enjoyed the first two weeks back after Easter!  

The highlight had to be our visit to Whirlow Farm.  It was a whirl-ow of animals, machines, stories and exotic smells.  The children were fantastic and we were so proud of how they represented Dore Primary on their first official school outing.  We had some lovely feedback from the volunteers at Whirlow.

The day was split into two parts.  Mr Smith's class spent the morning touring the farm, seeing chickens, sheep, rabbits, ponies and goats.  They also learned lots about what they saw from our knowledgeable guides.  For instance, did you know that if a horse has to be at least 14 hands 2 inches tall to be classed as a horse?  Otherwise it's a pony. 

Miss Bradley's class acted out the Little Red Hen story.  This involved lots of walking around the farm, having a go at all the tasks that Little Red Hen had to do in the story before finally having a go at kneading some dough and making their own cottage loaves!  There was even a chance to sample some freshly baked bread afterwards.  I think we could all see why Little Red Hen found it such hard work!  

In the afternoon the classes swapped over.  By the end of the day we had a tired but happy cohort who had largely avoided getting drenched or caked in mud.  

We have a huge thanks to make to all our parent volunteers.  Literally we cannot do these visits without lots of adult help.  Thanks also to those who offered help but we were unable to invite.  Miss Walker gave up one of her days to come and help out which we much appreciate.  

Have a look at our photos below.  Next time you head to Whirlow as a family we hope you're bombarded with facts from your children as you go round!