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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Page!


Please visit our Year 5 Learning Journey. 

Staff in Y5   

Welcome to Y5! Our class teachers in Year 5 are Mrs Granville and Miss Leeland. Teaching and learning is supported by our Teaching Assistants: Mrs Edwards, Mrs Fielding, Mrs Flint and Miss Henstock. We are also very lucky to have excellent teachers during PPA time on Tuesday mornings covering Maths, Drama, RE and Outdoor learning.

Spring 2020 - Learning at home activities and a suggested timetable for these can be found at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to use the activities as much or as little as your circumstances permit, we quite understand that this is a challenging time for everyone. Where answers are provided, we would encourage the children to mark their own work so they can identify where they may have made errors. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is constantly evolving and this year the emphasis will be on thinking skills, philosophy for children (P4C) and outdoor learning. The school values of kindness, creativity, resilience and resourcefulness are interwoven throughout all subject areas and we encourage these skills as much as possible through a range of learning opportunities. The children enjoy the cross curricular nature of our topics and it often inspires them to continue their learning at home.


All maths lessons in Y5 are carefully differentiated to offer children an appropriate level of challenge to ensure that they make excellent progress. Learning is regularly linked to real life scenarios through the use of measures, money and time to ensure that maths learning is exciting, relevant and applicable to everyday life. 


We use our topics to inspire the children in their writing; enabling them to write in context and with real purpose. Throughout the year we will cover many different types of writing such as: letters, explanations, stories, non-chronological reports, poetry and many more.

The teaching sequence for writing is used to teach English throughout the school. The key stages of the sequence include immersion (ensuring that children have a wide knowledge of the topic), analysis (looking at key features of texts), SPAG (learning the key spelling, punctuation and grammar skills required) planning, writing and reviewing. In Year 5 we ensure that writing has a purpose and children often have the opportunity to present their writing to other children across the school.

Learning at Home

When inspired by their class lessons, we encourage children to continue their learning at home. When children share this work with their class, it builds their confidence and self-esteem. They may follow their own initiative.

Children will bring home regular ‘Reading @ Home’ and ‘Writing @ Home’ tasks to work on.  These give children an opportunity to develop key skills, and provide an opportunity for parents to support learning.

As part of our ‘Learning at Home’ Policy, children should try to read at home every day.  In Y5 most of this should be done independently, with parents asking questions about what children are reading.


In Y5 pupils will receive weekly spellings to practise at home. Spellings usually follow a spelling rule and are sent home on Friday. Children are tested on these spellings in a sentence on the following Friday, which also includes high frequency words and grammar skills. Children are expected to join their handwriting in this sentence and include the correct punctuation. 


Each child should have a PE top (Sports Day T-shirt is ideal), shorts, a track suit (jogging bottoms and jumper) and outdoor trainers. All these must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and stored in a suitable named bag. Long hair should be tied back and earrings removed or covered with tape. It is really helpful if children have their PE kit in school every day. These will be sent home every half term to be washed. 

Sian Granville,
14 Apr 2020, 01:55