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Year 2 Learning Journey

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Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Year 2!

Parts of a plant

posted 14 Jun 2019, 08:21 by Abbie Houston

Y2 had fun learning all about the different parts of a plant and labeling them on real flowers. 




posted 14 Jun 2019, 06:40 by Katy Godfrey

Lego Robotics

posted 13 Jun 2019, 08:52 by Abbie Houston

Yesterday, Y2H thoroughly enjoyed building cooling fans out of Lego and programming them to spin from the ipad. 


Lego robotics

posted 12 Jun 2019, 09:22 by Katy Godfrey

Yesterday we made snail robots using Lego robotics and programmed them using the iPads!

Making obstacle courses!

posted 10 Jun 2019, 08:31 by Katy Godfrey

Today we have been thinking about the importance of exercise and have been creating obstacle courses. The children were really creative, thinking about a range of activities to make the courses interesting. Even Mrs Allsop had a go! 

Money in maths

posted 7 Jun 2019, 07:36 by Abbie Houston

Today in Year 2, children were practicing paying for different items from Miss Houston and Mrs Cocoran's shops. Children also worked out how much changed they were owed when they paid with a £1 coin.

Wildlife garden information texts

posted 7 Jun 2019, 04:05 by Katy Godfrey


posted 7 Jun 2019, 03:55 by Katy Godfrey

Wildlife Garden Leaflet

posted 3 Jun 2019, 07:50 by Abbie Houston

For our new topic The Great Outdoors, Y2 are going to make an information booklet explaining all about our amazing Wildlife Garden for the new reception children that start at Dore Primary in September. To find out what we should include in our information leaflet, we explored the Wildlife Garden looking for different species, how to stay safe and what to look out for.  

Outdoor Learning Summer 1

posted 28 May 2019, 05:28 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 29 May 2019, 01:14 ]

 Week 1 and 2

Animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults. Identifying common birds in the local environment 

Making birds nests

We talked about spring and how at this time of year birds begin making nests and laying eggs. The children watched some videos of birds making a nest and then they looked at 2 real nests. A crows nest and robins nest. They thought about the different materials that they used and looked at how it was cemented together using mud. We thought about how birds might do this and one of the children in Y2 G explained how birds used their spit to the mud wet and 'glue' the materials together. 
The children were then given two activities to do.
The first activity was to have a go at making their own nests. Using materials they could find outside, clay and mud they attempted to weave a nest. The children found that making nests was much trickier than it looks.
The second activity; the children had to find a picture of a bird, draw the bird then find a picture of the egg that the bird would lay. The pictures were hidden around the outside area. They were surprised to see so many different colour and designs their are on our local birds eggs.

Week 3 and 4 

Biodiversity in the school grounds. Using simple field work to explore the geography of the school.

I introduced the children to the RSPB wild challenge. The challenge has loads of activities to help nature. As you complete each activity you upload your photos or pictures and then receive points. As the  points add up you gain rewards.
We looked at the biodiversity challenge . The first part of this challenge was to look at the school site, decide what habitats and animals it already had and then decide what habitats we needed to improve. So using an aerial map we walked around the school see how bio-diverse our school was. The children then pinpointed on their map what habitats we  already had for example the nature garden, the trees in Kingscroft and our Bug hotels.
The second part of the challenge was to decide what habitat to make, so the children used the website for ideas. Some children wanted to make a butterfly bar, others a bird kebab, some wanted to make a mini flower meadow. 
The third part of the challenge was to make the habitat. The children worked really hard following the instructions set out by the RSPB to create their new habitat and then they placed them around the outdoor area outside of Y2. They made some great 'things' for the animals ranging from food and drink to making new habitats. Also a big well done to Y2G who completed their challenge on a very wet Wednesday afternoon!

Week 5 and Week 6

Making rafts 

The children used sticks from the school grounds to make rafts. The first week they found their sticks and sawed them all to the correct length . Then the following week in small groups with support they then used their knot skills to lash the sticks together. Not all the children have completed this yet and we will continue in Summer 2. We will then sail the rafts in the local brook.


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