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Year 2 Learning Journey

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Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Year 2!


posted 7 Jan 2022, 07:31 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

Today we have been learning about cities, towns, villages, coastal and rural areas. We have also applied this learning during our choose time where we constructed cities and wrote about villages!

You could continue this learning at the weekend by walking around your local area to explore whether it is a city, town, village, coastal or rural area. 

Y2 Academy Awards!

posted 16 Dec 2021, 04:25 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

Clay Oscars

posted 1 Dec 2021, 07:17 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

In Y2 we have made clay sculptures of Oscar awards, these will be presented during our annual Academy Awards Ceremony following the Y2 Nativity production!

The History Van

posted 19 Oct 2021, 07:59 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

The Great Fire of London

posted 19 Oct 2021, 07:33 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey   [ updated 19 Oct 2021, 07:36 ]

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London! We even recreated it by burning our cardboard houses!

Something happened in 1666...

posted 12 Oct 2021, 09:31 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey   [ updated 12 Oct 2021, 09:33 ]

After creating our bakery posters for Mrs Darling, we attempted to send them back in the time machine to London in 1665. When we arrived at school in the morning, the posters were still there but they were burnt! When we had a closer look we found a page from someone’s diary (his name was Samuel Pepys) which had been mixed up in our posters. We realised that the posters had been sent to Pudding Lane, London in 1666 not 1665! 

We want to find out more about what happened in 1666 and who Samuel Pepys was...


posted 5 Oct 2021, 06:47 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

In Y2 we have been learning about the plague in London in 1665, and comparing it to Covid-19. Did you know that people with the plague also had to isolate? They would put a Red Cross on their door. The medicines used were very different, children can you remember some of the strange things people used to try to cure themselves of the plague?

We have also been comparing houses from 1665 to 2021, we created our own wattle and daub structure in our outdoor area and have made cardboard replicas of houses from 1665.

Using our time machine, a special visitor, Mrs Darling, came to tell us all about London in 1665. She was surprised to see all of the technology that we have in 2021 and also how many children were at school! 

The next day, a parcel appeared from Mrs Darling, it was a gift from her local bakery on Pudding Lane in London. We tasted delicious biscuits, chewy flapjack and soft bread. Mrs Darling was worried about the bakery, they weren’t getting much business due to the plague. We decided to help her and make posters to advertise the bakery, our plan to send them back in time using our time machine!

Our First Two Weeks in Y2

posted 17 Sept 2021, 07:33 by Katy Jackson-Godfrey

Designing, sawing and building with Mr P

posted 20 Jul 2021, 04:19 by Julia Hope-Gill

Wow what an amazing job you all did making the workbench and planters. Grand job. 

Planting on the Farm with Mr P

posted 20 Jul 2021, 04:15 by Julia Hope-Gill

A great job planting the herbs on the farm. Great communication and team work.

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