Dore Explores

posted 6 Jan 2017, 09:01 by Amy Gill
Next week we will be starting our new topic 'Dore Explores'. During this exciting new topic we will look at:

- Different places around the world including Florida, Russia and China. We will explore art in these places and compare the geography of these places to our country.

- Map skills. This will involve creating a detailed map of our school.

- Extreme weather (heavy rain, deserts, snowstorms and hurricanes)

- Music

- Travelling the world. We will think carefully about Aladdin's magic carpet and where it took him and Jasmine. We will then write a our own story based on the places we have learnt about.

If you want to do some learning at home, here are some ideas:

- Practising map reading and searching for places on Google Earth.
- Research about Russia, China and Florida.
- Research extreme weather in different places.
- Explore music in different places around the world.
- Practise timetables. We have now learnt the 2, 3, 5, and 10 times tables.

If you know a lot about our Geography-related topics and would like to get involved we would love to hear from you. Please let your class teacher know.