Hansel and Gretel comes to life!

posted 6 Oct 2014, 09:24 by Georgina Bradley
You won't believe what's happened today in Y1/2....

First we were all transformed into the world of Hansel and Gretel! We had an exciting, teeth chattering journey into the forest where our nasty stepmother left us all, despite our father's wishes. We had to explore to try and find our way back (those pesky birds had eaten all of our breadcrumbs) when all of a sudden we spotted an old, haggard woman. She tempted us over with a box of yummy sweets, but to our surprise, she captured us and wanted to eat us all! She even took Hansel and locked him in a cage! Thankfully, Gretel came up with a plan...to push the wicked old lady into the hot oven. She was gone forever and so we set Hansel free and returned to our home where our father was delighted to see us!

When we got back to the classroom, we couldn't wait to write all about our exciting adventure!