Marvellous music

posted 27 Jan 2017, 08:22 by Amy Gill
Today the children listened to a beautiful piece of music and were asked to think about how it makes them feel. Here are some of the thoughtful comments made by the children:
"It feels like there is peace in the world"
"It's like my family are here with me"
"The music is dramatic"
"It reminds me of animals stomping"
"It makes me joyful and reminds me of being at home"

Then we changed the pitch. When it was low the children noticed the difference in mood. Have a look at their  comments.
"It's like paratroops are coming"
"It's like peace but not peaceful"
"It's peaceful, like someone's running through the woods"

When it was high the children said...
"It's like I'm riding my red bike which is like the music"
"It's like inner peace"
"It feels peaceful but something bad might happen"

We then changed the tempo. When it was high the children said...
"I feel happy"
"It reminds me of a shark eating kelp. The tempo is squishy like kelp"
"I feel like it's my birthday tomorrow because it sounds happy".

When the tempo was low the children said...
"It feels like Christmas when the snow falls"
"It's like falling down a hurricane"

We discussed how music can affect our moods and how it can add emotion to things we see.