Our First Week in Y1/2!

posted 10 Sep 2014, 07:39 by Heather Wyatt
Wow - a big well done to all the children for such a fantastic first week back at school! We are so proud and impressed with how grown up all the children have been, especially with bringing themselves in independently in the mornings - a big thank you to our parents for helping us with this tricky task!

We have had such fun this week:

Here we are exploring the continuous provision areas and challenges:

Here some of us are planning our holiday news ready for a Big Write. We all tried really hard to do our best writing!

We began our topic this week by thinking about what our bodies need to stay alive. We then created a tally chart to find out about our favourite fruits. We all did our own research and filled in our own tally charts.


In English we are learning The Charlie Story (see if your child can retell you the story with all the actions!). In order to find out more about the characters we wrote some questions for them and then did some hot-seating!
 Well done everyone for such a fabulous first week!