Our visit to the Madina Mosque in Sheffield

posted 22 Jan 2018, 00:40 by Kathryn Davis   [ updated 22 Jan 2018, 00:42 ]
We had a really interesting trip to the Madina Mosque. The children were really well behaved when we got the bus into Sheffield. When we arrived, we took our shoes off and the female adults covered their heads. Sahid talked to us about the Mosque and what it means to be a Muslim. We were shown the area where Muslims perform wudu (washing) before they pray. We saw the Quran and a library with lots of books written about the Quran. We went in to two of the enormous prayer halls and were shown how Muslims pray. Sahid told us about Muslim beliefs and how there are similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. We finished with a drink and a snack and caught the bus back to school.