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Year 1 Learning Journey

Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Y1!

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New beginnings

posted 11 Sep 2019, 08:19 by Amy Gill

We have had a wonderful start to Year 1. The children have settled in brilliantly and we are so excited to share their learning with you!

Last week was spent settling into our new classrooms and getting to know year 1. We discussed our holiday news and shared many stories about what we've been getting up to!

 This week we've been busy getting to know the story of Hansel and Gretel. Today the children sequenced the story and discussed what the main events were.

Our Topic Learning...

posted 2 Jul 2019, 09:50 by Kathryn Murphy

Last week, we were engineers! 
Year 1 were set a challenge to try and build the tallest tower using their materials - spaghetti and marshmallows! 
Each group was given the same materials and they had to decide, as a group, how to build their tower. 
Some groups decided to design theirs first, thinking of what shapes would be the best to start with as a base so that the tower could stand up independently.
Everyone was very resilient when things didn't work out well and they all worked brilliantly in their teams to come up with solutions.
It was very tricky and very sticky!


Outdoor Learning

posted 2 Jul 2019, 09:32 by Lisa Wells

Identifying common garden and wild plants
This week the children were learning about the different plants we grow in the UK and the differences between wild plants and garden plants. They also learnt that grass is a plant and there are many different varieties, plus that although trees are big they are plants too. 
Around the playground the children had to find pictures of different plants, then in their group used their sorting rings to 'sort' them into wild and common garden plants. 

Our Maths learning this week...

posted 20 Jun 2019, 04:05 by Rebecca Fearn

In our Maths learning this week we have been learning all about data collection. The children have been looking at the different ways we record data in our classroom and have been finding out data from our classmates and recording this data using tally charts! After the children collected their data they looked at different ways of displaying this data; the children used pictograms and block graphs to display their data…..and they even had a look at pie charts! We have been so impressed with how engaged the children have been with this topic! 

Our Maths learning

posted 7 Jun 2019, 04:03 by Rebecca Fearn

Today in Maths we have been looking at different shapes and learning about repeating patters. The children had to identify a range of 2D shapes and create various repeating patterns using these shapes. 

Shirebrook Trip

posted 5 Jun 2019, 08:39 by   [ updated 7 Jun 2019, 07:59 ]

We were very lucky today and got to visit Shirebrook Nature Valley Reserve to learn more about animal classification. The children did pond dipping to find lots of different creatures, habitat building, and even made some animal artwork using objects they could find in the woods. The teachers were all very proud of how well the children behaved; showing the rangers how fantastic the children from Dore Primary are! 
A big thank you again to all the parents and carers who came along to help.

Our English learning this week...

posted 5 Jun 2019, 07:59 by   [ updated 5 Jun 2019, 08:03 ]

We had a very exciting start to the our last half term of Year 1 with a surprise visitor... Whilst the children were in challenge assembly, a tiger snuck in and ate all the treats Miss Snape had brought in for the children to have! The children used the clues left behind to work out that our new book is 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. Luckily the tiger bought the children some new treats so they could enjoy a nice 'tea party' whilst they shared their holiday news with their friends. 

The children have been practising their phonics this week by completing a range of phonics activities and games in the classroom to collect stickers for their 'phonics passports'. 

Outdoor Learning Summer 1

posted 28 May 2019, 04:22 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 28 May 2019, 05:29 ]

This term the children have been using the outdoor space to learn about Geography;
.To understand that the United Kingdom is a union of four countries


In week 1 and 2 the children had to use their orientation skills to find different countries of the UK hidden in the KS1 yard.
They then had to put all the countries together to create the UK.

Week 3 and 4
To use aerial photographs and study the geography of their school.
The children learnt about aerial maps and using an aerial map of the school had to find key points pinned on the map. They then took photos when they'd reached the location.

Week 5 and 6
To use aerial photographs and locate human and physical features of its surrounding environment.
This week we literally took the classroom outside. The children used the photos from the last session then had to identify and stick them onto the aerial map of the school. 

Our PE learning this week...

posted 23 May 2019, 03:52 by Rebecca Fearn   [ updated 23 May 2019, 04:04 ]

This week we have done a fantastic outdoor PE session focusing on balance and agility! We were so impressed with the children's ability and determination! 

Our Maths learning this week...

posted 23 May 2019, 03:52 by Rebecca Fearn

This week in maths the children have been revisiting our learning on addition and subtraction. They have been using the concrete apparatus to help them solve some tricky missing number calculations. 

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