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Year 1 Learning Journey

Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Y1!

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Outdoor Learning Week 4 and Week 5Hibernation

posted 1 Feb 2019, 01:10 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 7 Feb 2019, 08:10 ]

Over the next 2 weeks all the children will be learning about the animals in the UK that hibernate over the winter.
We talked about what hiberantion was and then looked at the different animals that hibernate; frogs, hedghogs, bats, butterflies, queen bees, snails, door mice, plus our favourite hibernating pet, the tortoise.
I then gave the children an envelope and inside was a picture of a hibernating animal with information describing how they hibernate and what their hibernating homes would look like. The children with a partner then had to make thier animal a snug home to hibernate in.

Y1 Phonics

posted 25 Jan 2019, 07:37 by Aisling Farrell

Maths this week - Money!

posted 25 Jan 2019, 07:34 by Aisling Farrell

This week the children have been practising coin recognition and finding amounts. The children went 'shopping' for toys and found there is often more than one way of making a total!

It would be really beneficial if you could encourage your child to recognise coins and pay for items in shops too!

Outdoor Learning Week 3. Making Bird feeders.

posted 24 Jan 2019, 09:05 by Lisa Wells

This week the children made bird feeders ready for the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch. 
They had to thread the string through a hole in the bottom of the container and then we tied a knot to secure it in place.
They then got a cup of mixed bird seed and poured it into a mixing bowl. We then added the lard and gave it all a really good mix. Mrs Wells then gave it a last mix using her hands, YUK!  
The children then spooned the mixture into their containers. 
I hope you have time to do some bird watching over the weekend and I look forward to seeing their bird spotting sheets next week. 

Geography - Continents, Oceans and The UK

posted 24 Jan 2019, 04:07 by Kathryn Murphy

Recently, Year 1 have been geographers, exploring the world! We have been learning the different continents and oceans, as well as the countries and seas of the UK. 

Which continents and countries have you visited?

Computing - WeDo2

posted 18 Jan 2019, 07:52 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 18 Jan 2019, 07:53 ]

This week we have been using our brand new WeDo2 and iPads to make programmable snails.  We followed a building algorithm and then used the iPad software to programme the snail light to change colour.


Y1 Phonics

posted 18 Jan 2019, 07:50 by Aisling Farrell

This week in Y1...

posted 18 Jan 2019, 07:46 by Aisling Farrell

We have been looking at place value, as well as addition and subtraction, this week in Maths. The children completed a carousel of activities to practise their skills...

In English, we got creative to think of lots of adjectives to describe a scene from the story of Pocahontas. The children worked brilliantly in their teams, helping one another to sound out their descriptive words!

Outdoor Learning Spring 1 Week 1

posted 10 Jan 2019, 09:41 by Lisa Wells

Ice, Weather  and Seasonal Change

Today we were thinking about winter and how do we know it is winter. So thinking about the weather, what we wear, berries and also the lack of daylight. We then did an ice investigation, to see if ice melted at different rates when put in different places outside. The children had to;
  1. Decide on 4 different places to put the ice. 
  2. Put a piece of ice in each area.
  3. Write or draw the place down on their investigation  and observation sheet
  4. Predict where it will melt the fastest/slowest
  5. Check their ice cube and record the results 
We found that it was so cold outside that most of the ice didn't really melt. The only area that we found it to melt completely was on the house bricks sat on the picnic table.

The children also held the ice in their hand, they thought about how it felt using their sense, and then watched it slowly melt. We discussed why it melted on our hands and how our body is warmer than the ice. The children also put the ice into some cold water, some of the children predicted that the cold water would make the ice get bigger so where surprised when it started to melt.

I have challenged the children to check on the ice in the morning and see if it had melted overnight. I'm looking forward to hearing their results.

Our maths learning this week!

posted 11 Dec 2018, 04:29 by Aisling Farrell

This week we have been learning about Carroll diagrams! The children had to organise different objects by shape and colour and put them into the correct part of the diagram. 

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