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Year 1 Learning Journey

Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Y1!

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Week 3 - Our English Learning

posted by Rebecca Hague


In our English learning we have been focusing on improving our sentence writing by making strong vocabulary choices. This week we looked at some boring sentences that all began with the pronoun ‘he’. We decided that our writing would not be very interesting if we began every sentence the same way. We worked together to mind map a variety of different ways to start our sentences. Children then wrote their own sentences with interesting openers and also included conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs.

Later in the week we carried on thinking about our Superhero story ‘Eliot the Midnight Superhero’ and decided to re-imagine his story. The children used their own ideas to choose a new location for the rocket launcher, to change how Eliot would travel and to imagine what he might see on the way. 

Week 3 - Our Maths Learning

posted 15 Mar 2018, 05:25 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 15 Mar 2018, 05:26 ]


In our Maths learning this week we have discovered fractions! We have been learning all about halves and quarters! We used our fun fraction song to help us - have a listen at home: Halving Song 

We had lots of fun creating shapes out of play dough and chopping them into halves and quarters and then moved onto to halving and quartering numbers. We also learnt how to write these tricky fractions in our books – numerator on top – denominator on the bottom. 

Week 3 - Topic

posted 14 Mar 2018, 04:09 by Rebecca Hague


We have been continuing our Geography learning this week by looking and ariel views and ariel view maps. Children spent some time looking at different ariel view photos of the school and locating different places on Google Earth. The children then located where certain photos belonged on ariel maps of the school. We went on a wet and muddy walk around the school identifying the different areas we had seen on the photographs and labeling them on an ariel view map. 

World Book Day

posted 14 Mar 2018, 03:49 by Rebecca Hague

World Book Day - Friday 9th March

We all had a wonderful day in year one on our re-arranged World Book Day last Friday! We absolutely loved seeing all the children's wonderful costumes and we wanted to say a big thank you to all the grown-ups for your fantastic effort with this. We had a lovely day in class reading some of our favourite books and discussing our favourite characters. We also had a visit from the Y4/5s who spent time reading with both classes. The children also had an opportunity to design their own World Book Day token which will be entered into a national competition with the chance to win book tokens for themselves and our school! 

Spring 2 Week 2

posted 8 Mar 2018, 03:54 by Lisa Wells



The children have returned this week with their thinking heads on.
We started the week with a morning of Philosophy for children P4C. A big thank you to Mrs Davis for leading the morning.
The children's first task was to think about these questions, then given reasons for their answers.

Would you rather…
  1. Find a magic carpet that can take you anywhere or a magic sweety bag that is always full.

  2. Be a King/Queen or a clown

  3. Sit in a bowl of jelly or a bowl of worms

  4. Live in a castle or a spaceship

The next task was to learn about their rights and the Childrens charter . Then in groups they were given different pictures and scenarios of children both in the UK and around the world. They had to discuss in their groups if these Children were having all their rights met and if not, which rights were not being met.

Then the children had to create a  I wonder questions based on their own about their rights and if they’re important and about children who don’t have their rights met.


These are the questions they came up with ;

Our Group Questions

1. I wonder if people can have days off

2. I wonder if everyone has a mum and dad

3. I wonder can everyone relax

4. I wonder do all people have toys

5. I wonder how often people don't go to school

6. I wonder does everyone have a kitchen

7. I wonder who made the world

8. I wonder if everyone has clothes and food

9. I wonder if everyone has a phone

10. I wonder if everyone has a home and garden


Some more questions:

I wonder if everyone has a bedroom

I wonder if everyone has a home

I wonder if everyone has a school

I wonder if we could help others who don’t have their rights met

I wonder if all people are warm

I wonder why earthquakes were invented

I'm sure you'll agree they showed deep and philosophical thinking!!!!

The children then voted on the question they would like to discuss in their class groups.

Our chosen Question was : I wonder if everyone can relax and play.

In small groups led by teachers the children had a philosophical discussion. We were really proud of the Childrens thinking and the respect they showed to other children in their group. Making sure that all children's views were listened to and taking in turns to be heard. Here are a few of their thoughts on our chosen question;

I would feel tired before I went to school if I had to work –

It’s good for your brain to relax. It would make me sad if I couldn’t play –

I think everyone has the right to relax and play -

Poor people don’t have a house, food, toys so they can’t relax –

It makes me feel happy when I play –

You would feel lonely if you had no friends –

It’s important because if we don’t relax we get grumpy –

Sometimes adults don’t have time to play –

If someone doesn’t have a home, they can’t relax –



I have the right to choose my friends –

We have the right to go to school -

The children were introduced to the book that will be our English stimulus this term. Eliot the Midnight Superhero.

They created actions to help them remember the story. Ask your child if they can act out the story to you. On YouTube there is also a link to the story.




Maths 3D shape
The children have continued to look at the properties of 3D shape.
Yesterday they used sorting rings, and in their groups had to decide how they would sort them. Ask your child to look at everyday objects and identify what shape they are. Can they count how many faces, edges and vertices it has; does it have curved edges or straight edges?

The children have been making superhero settings in the Construction area.
In the Art area drawing and painting the different flags in the U.K. A few children have earned gold stickers for drawing the welsh flag !
The Creative challenge this week is to use black paper and 2D shape to create the outline of a superhero city scape.
Their English is to write a postcard from a country in the U.K. and to use adjectives to describe what they can see.
Then the Maths is to sort and find odd and even numbers. Ask your child if they can remember their odd and even numbers and if they can identify 2 digit odd and even numbers too ! I bet they can !



Welcome back after a snowy first week of Spring 2!

posted 7 Mar 2018, 03:24 by Aisling Farrell

Despite being a little disrupted by the two snow days we had last week, the children still managed some super 3D shape learning during our Maths lessons, identifying real life examples and describing their properties! Take a look at what we got up to...

See if your child can remember the name of some common 3D shapes! Can they identify some real life examples of a sphere, cube and cuboid?

The children also completed some fantastic challenge learning around the base...

Maths Ninja

You may have noticed that your child brought home a maths ninja sheet with a score out of 20 on Friday. 

We will be completing a maths ninja quiz every Friday, to support the children in quickly recalling their number bonds. 

As class teachers, we will keep a log of how your child is doing with these quizzes, and offer support or challenge accordingly.

On the reverse side, we are encouraging the children to complete an 'at home' maths ninja to see if they can match or improve their score!

Week 6

posted 16 Feb 2018, 08:04 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 16 Feb 2018, 08:41 ]


We have been carrying on our learning about the story of “The Magic Brush” this week and we even had a visit from the hero of our story Chang! He painted a magic time machine which brought him all the way from Ancient China to visit the children in the classroom; it was very exciting! The children have been learning about the difference between questions and statements and wrote their own questions to ask our magical visitor. After Chang had answered all of the children’s wonderful questions the children wrote statements about what they had learnt about him.

We have also been learning this week about some tricky homophones to, two and too. They all sound the same and try to trick us but the children have worked really hard looking at different sentences and deciding which the correct homophone to choose is. Well done Y1!

Can you fill in the correct homophone: 

I like _______ swim. 

I ate _______ much cake.

I have ______ ears.


We began our Maths learning this week learning all about odd and even numbers. We met Mrs Odd and Mr Even who helped us work out which numbers were even and which were odd. Later in the week the children learnt all about doubling; the children used numicon and base 10 to help them double 1-digit, 2-digit and even 3-digit numbers! Super doubling Y1!

Can you have a go at these challenges at home?

Miss Hague is thinking of an even number – she doubles it - then takes away 2. The answer is 6. What is her number?

Miss Farrell is thinking of an odd number – she doubles it - then takes away 2. The answer is 8. What is her number?



The children have been enjoying their computing learning this week. The children have learnt all about internet safety and about the importance of not sharing their online passwords. The children have all been given new purple mash logins and these have gone home with the children earlier this week. The children will use these logins to complete computing tasks set by the teacher and can use their logins at home to access lots of different computing activities.


We have been carrying on our Phase 5 phonics learning this week and been focusing on the split digraphs a-e, i-e, e-e, o-e, u-e. To link with our computing focus this week the children have also been playing some interactive games to help them practise their phase 5 phonemes; the children had great fun playing “Yes/No Yet”. Why not try some of these games at home by clicking the link here - phonicsbloom

The Y1 team would like to wish all our lovely pupils and their families a wonderful half term. We are looking forward to seeing you in a weeks time and hearing about what you have all been up to!

Week 5

posted 9 Feb 2018, 07:58 by Aisling Farrell


We've been practising our place value skills this week and getting to grips with partitioning two and even three digit numbers ! The children have enjoyed showing off their learning in a game of tens and units bingo too...


Linked to our 'I Spy' topic, we have journeyed to a story set in China called 'The magic paintbrush'. Can your child retell and remember the actions to the story?

We've focused on adjectives and described the characters in amazing detail!

Topic - Art

We have been practising our colour mixing skills this week, make darker and lighter shades of grey to paint rhinos or elephants. The children thought hard about where on the animal you would find the darker shades and where you would find the lighter greys.

Home Learning

This week, we have given the children two sheets to try; one is a phonics practise and the other is a tricky word spelling practise. 

Week 4

posted 1 Feb 2018, 03:50 by Lisa Wells

As usual the children in year 1 are working hard and they really have blown our socks off this week.

English. The children received a letter from Handa, and she asked them lots of questions.

They wrote back to her, making sure they answered her questions, remembering to use adjectives to add detail and the conjunction 'because' to explain their reasons. The children also added their own questions. We hope Handa will enjoy reading our letters. 

Red pen polishing.
On Friday the children will be using their red pen to improve their learning. We're sure many of the children will be trying to earn brilliant and tremendous stampers.

Mrs Glossop, Miss Bradley and Mr Godwin visited our class room on Tuesday. They were impressed with how focused the children were with their maths learning and how using the bead strings helped them to work independently.
The children had to remember lots of steps.
They had to choose their challenge; mild spicy or hot.
Then had  to choose 2 numbers.
Make a number sentence with the - sign
Then used a bead string to find their answers. PHEW !


Topic . Geography
The children had their geography hats on this week. They have been comparing the U.K to Kenya.
They worked in small groups, looking at a number of different pictures and then had to decide if they were in the UK or Kenya.


Then the next day they identified the human and physical features in each picture.

Spring 1, week 3, our learning...

posted 26 Jan 2018, 08:52 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 31 Jan 2018, 00:11 ]


In Maths we have been continuing looking at our addition and subtraction skills but we have been applying this to money. We have spent some time identifying the different coins and completing addition and subtraction calculations using money. This has been quite tricky but the children have worked really hard and have produced some wonderful work. We have also been learning how to add tens numbers to 1 and 2-digit numbers - the trick to remember is that when adding tens the units column doesn't change! Can you practise these at home: 

43 + 10 = 
13 + 10 = 
55 - 10 = 
32 - 10 = 
15 + ........ = 25


In English we have been continuing our work around the story 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne. The children have been thinking of some wonderful sentences to describe what happening in the story and have even written their own questions to ask Handa. 


This week in our topic lessons we have focused on Geography and have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. The children worked together to complete a world map jigsaw and filled in all the names of the continents and oceans on a blank world map.

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