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Year 1 Learning Journey

Have a look below to see what we have been learning in Y1!

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Week 5

posted 13 Dec 2017, 07:05 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 07:25 ]

This week we have been reminding ourselves of our number bonds to 10 and looking at the links  to number bonds to 20.

Mrs Wells and Miss Farrell packed their bags ready to hibernate for the winter. Unfortunately Mrs Wells didn't choose some good items; she had packed shorts, swimming costume, sun cream and an electric hand drier! Luckily the children and Miss Farrell had better choices, she chose a warm blanket, wind up torch, snuggly sleeping bag, thick socks and a cuddly teddy bear.
The children wrote sentences explaining what they would take if they hibernated. They then underlined verbs, nouns and adjectives and some children tried the lightening challenge to use because to explain their choice.

D and T
This week we painted our salt dough hedgehogs. They were then  ready to put them in their hedgehog house so they can hibernate for the winter.

Making Hedgehog houses
The children made their hedgehog houses. They stuck leaves and  twigs on the outside to camouflage their house from predators. Then inside put leaves inside the so they were cosy and warm. Some children made doors, so the hedgehog could crawl inside.


Learning from Home
We all loved looking at the power points that some of the children made at home.


Autumn 2 Week 4: our learning this week!

posted 1 Dec 2017, 08:16 by Aisling Farrell


This week the children have been practicing finding 1 less of numbers up to 100. They were very resourceful and used number lines and 100 squares to support them...


We've also been making salt dough hedgehogs, linked to support our English learning immersion in these hibernating creatures, using different techniques and materials to make them look as realistic as possible. Look out for painted ones next week...


We've been researchers again this week, finding out lots of facts about hedgehogs! Can your child remember an interesting fact about these nocturnal foragers?

We also finished our AMAZING non-fiction book astronaut book, which we shared in celebration assembly and which we are extremely excited about sharing with the Y4/5s when they come to visit! The children all worked their socks off to produce interesting, descriptive and neat writing and we are so proud of the end result! Feel free to pop in to have a read!

Continuous Provision

The children have begun thinking about and constructing what they think a hedgehog hotel should look like and what it should include. The children will also be making a hedgehog home from the boxes that parents and carers have kindly donated in the next couple of weeks. 

Thank you for another great week everyone!

Autumn 2 week 3 - our learning...

posted 29 Nov 2017, 01:02 by Rebecca Hague

English and topic: 

This week in English children have been continuing their learning about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 Moon Landing. Children began the week by making a healthy astronaut breakfast....porridge and then in our following literacy lessons they wrote up instructions to add to the non-fiction book we our compiling to share with the year 4 and 5s. 

In preparation for our topic next week where we are looking at hibernating animals, particularity focusing on hedgehogs, we had a visit from a vet and a veterinary nurse who had recently rescued a young hedgehog named Cheddar. The children learnt all about Cheddar and how he was nursed back to health and they had an opportunity to ask the vet the questions they had written earlier in the week.


To carry of from last weeks maths learning on Venn diagrams this week the children have been looking at Carroll diagrams. The children worked together to sort different animals and shapes. Later on in the week we looked at pictograms and tally charts.....the children loved learning about different ways to record data about themselves and their classmates. 

Autumn 2 week 2

posted 19 Nov 2017, 02:22 by Lisa Wells

The children have continued to enjoy their new topic 'one giant leap'

As part of their science learning they had to think about what would be a good healthy breakfast for an astronaut. They looked at different breakfast cereals and foods. They concluded that bread and fresh fruit would become mouldy and rice Krispies were too light and might float around the space rocket. They decided that porridge might be a good start to any astronaut day, we will be making some next week and discussing the  pros and cons of porridge in space!.

The role play area has been really busy and children love dressing up and zooming off to the moon.

Outside the children have been making their own moon rocks, and in the creative area making paper -mache moons. Look out for over the next couple of weeks as you should see  them hanging up in the base. .


The children have been sorting shapes in to venn diagrams, next week we will be looking at carol diagrams !

The children have been finding out facts  about the moon landings, ask them if they can wow you with any new facts!

Children in Need
It was great to see the children in non uniform for children in need.  Look out to see how much money Dore School raised .

Welcome to Autumn 2!

posted 10 Nov 2017, 09:00 by Aisling Farrell

The children have had an action packed first week back, with lots of great learning taking place in and out of the classroom.

We kicked off our 'One Giant Leap' topic with a game of pass the parcel to uncover clues about the intrepid explorer we will be learning about lots this term... can your child remember who this is?

We also had a research lesson on Friday, where the teachers sat back and relaxed (cough!) and the children found out their own facts about space, the moon and astronauts. Did you know Neil Armstrong was a pilot, professor, engineer and astronaut?! We also watched some fantastic experiments the modern day astronauts, such as Tim Peake, conducted on  recent trips to the International Space Station. These really gave us an understanding of what life is like in space!

If your child would like to watch these again, please follow these links:

Tim Peake playing water ping-pong

The children also worked hard to understand Venn diagrams in their Maths learning this week, and how we can use these to sort different things, such as shapes and even ourselves!

Our trip to Ecclesall woods to spot signs of late Autumn was a lovely morning out - made even better by the beautiful weather! Thank you to all the parents and carers who volunteered their time.

Here's some of our other challenges and choosing activities...

The phonics homework for this week is attached below. We have been looking at the sounds:


Can your child think of their own words with these sounds in?

Our learning this week….

posted 13 Oct 2017, 08:31 by Rebecca Hague


This week in English the children have been working really hard to produce a wonderful piece of long writing based on the Hansel and Gretel story. They used a story mountain to plan their writing and have been taking their time and trying really hard to remember those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Some children have even included some amazing adjectives to add more detail to their story.



In Maths this week we have been working really hard to practice all the skills we have learnt so far this term. This has included our number bonds to ten, place value and identifying money. We have had a tricky quiz this week and the children have really impressed us with their great attitude to their learning and their resilience.


We had another visit to our carousel of activities in PE again this week. Some of stations had activities the children were familiar with such as the throwing and catching and the hurdles but we also had a few new stations for the children to try including parachute games and a new hoop game.  


This week we have been carrying on our learning about the marvelous Mary Seacole and the children made their own herbal medicine! The children selected the ingredients and used various utensils to create their wonderful medicines. The children will be writing up instructions for their medicines next week.


Week 5

posted 8 Oct 2017, 02:06 by Lisa Wells

Gosh the term is flying!

This week we've been thinking about describing words and the children were  introduced to our new superhero doctor describer .
We used adjectives to describe the witch in Hansel and Gretel. Thinking about what she might look like, what noise she makes, how she might feel if we touched her and what she smells like !

The children have continued to think about tens and units, but this week have been using 10p and 1ps to find amounts of money.

They also played a money game. Collecting coins from the bank, when they landed on the question mark they had to count up their coins. The children have been learning that counting the tens and then 1s is a quick way of adding up.


Continuing with our Learning about Mary Secole this week we have been reminding ourselves about our different body parts. The children loved playing body bingo. We've been singing head, shoulders, knees and toes, and even been trying to sing it in French !
They also drew their own self portraits and used their best handwriting to label. Next week they will be making herbal medicine !

Another busy week of the children completing their challenges and moving themselves on the rainbow. It was lovely to see so many receive a certificate last week in challenge assembly.

Our learning this week...

posted 29 Sep 2017, 08:18 by Aisling Farrell   [ updated 29 Sep 2017, 08:42 ]


We have been looking at the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and did some live action retelling of the story! The children dropped breadcrumbs to help us return home but Mrs Wells turned into the evil witch who lured the children into the gingerbread house!

On Friday the children practiced some new SPaG skills - putting conjunctions into sentences! They did a fantastic job extending their writing and making sentences even more interesting.

The children have enjoyed listening this Conjunction Junction song to help them remember these words.


We have been practicing our place value skills using different concrete resources, such as the base 10 and numicon, to show tens and units. The numicon helped the children recognise their bonds to 10 too.

If possible, encourage your child to play this shark place value game to continue securing their tens and units learning!


The children took part in big carousel of different activities in PE, to practise skills such as hopping, skipping, running, throwing and catching. If they weren't confident at a particular activity there were ways to make it a little easier, such as using a weighted scarf to throw and catch instead of a ball. However, for those children who wanted a challenge they could try increasing the distance or amount!


We continued our learning about a significant person, Mary Seacole, this week with the children sequencing important events in her life on a human timeline!

The children also made comparisons between hospitals in Mary's time and hospitals today, which revealed things that have remained the same! We learnt how important it was, and still is, to have clean hospitals to prevent germs spreading and making patients even more ill.


On Friday's we hand out phonics homework containing the phonemes (sounds) your child has looked at this week. Any support you can offer your child to complete this is of course appreciated, but not expected. The children do receive a learning token for their efforts, so any encouragement you can give would be great! 

A copy of this week's phonics homework is attached.

Here's a look at some of last weeks learning!

posted 24 Sep 2017, 04:16 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 27 Sep 2017, 01:15 ]


Autumn Term Week 3

posted 24 Sep 2017, 04:02 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 27 Sep 2017, 05:30 ]


In English this week we have been carrying on our learning about Charlie and his journey to Grandma's House. The children have been identifying nouns in the story and have begun their learning  on verbs and how they function in a sentence. On Friday we finished this unit of work with a long piece of writing; the children did some wonderful pieces of writing describing Charlie's story.  


This week in Maths we have tackled the tricky topic of tens and units. The children used both Base 10 and numicion to support their learning in differentiating between tens and units it double digit numbers. We continued this learning at the end of the week by exploring the difference between "tens" and "teen" numbers. Could you practice counting in tens at home?

Mary Secole

This week we began our learning about the marvellous Mary Secole and even had a magical visit from the lady herself who travelled back in time all the way to the Y1 base to answer this children's questions. The children acted as historians to discover who we were learning about and planned questions to ask our Mary Secole about who she was and how she influenced the modern nursing profession.


This week the children had their first philosophy lesson in Y1, we watched a short video as a stimulus and together formulated the philosophical question "what is friendship?". The children gave insightful and thoughtful responses to this question and shared some lovely thoughts about friendships they have both at home and at school. You can have a read through some of their responses attached below.

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