Autumn 2 week 2

posted 19 Nov 2017, 02:22 by Lisa Wells
The children have continued to enjoy their new topic 'one giant leap'

As part of their science learning they had to think about what would be a good healthy breakfast for an astronaut. They looked at different breakfast cereals and foods. They concluded that bread and fresh fruit would become mouldy and rice Krispies were too light and might float around the space rocket. They decided that porridge might be a good start to any astronaut day, we will be making some next week and discussing the  pros and cons of porridge in space!.

The role play area has been really busy and children love dressing up and zooming off to the moon.

Outside the children have been making their own moon rocks, and in the creative area making paper -mache moons. Look out for over the next couple of weeks as you should see  them hanging up in the base. .


The children have been sorting shapes in to venn diagrams, next week we will be looking at carol diagrams !

The children have been finding out facts  about the moon landings, ask them if they can wow you with any new facts!

Children in Need
It was great to see the children in non uniform for children in need.  Look out to see how much money Dore School raised .