Autumn 2 week 3 - our learning...

posted 29 Nov 2017, 01:02 by Rebecca Hague
English and topic: 

This week in English children have been continuing their learning about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 Moon Landing. Children began the week by making a healthy astronaut breakfast....porridge and then in our following literacy lessons they wrote up instructions to add to the non-fiction book we our compiling to share with the year 4 and 5s. 

In preparation for our topic next week where we are looking at hibernating animals, particularity focusing on hedgehogs, we had a visit from a vet and a veterinary nurse who had recently rescued a young hedgehog named Cheddar. The children learnt all about Cheddar and how he was nursed back to health and they had an opportunity to ask the vet the questions they had written earlier in the week.


To carry of from last weeks maths learning on Venn diagrams this week the children have been looking at Carroll diagrams. The children worked together to sort different animals and shapes. Later on in the week we looked at pictograms and tally charts.....the children loved learning about different ways to record data about themselves and their classmates.