Autumn term Week 2

posted 17 Sep 2017, 03:06 by Lisa Wells

The children have continued to work hard this week.
They started using the challenge rainbow, every time they have completed a challenge they move their face on the rainbow. Their aim is to get to the pot of gold by Friday. Those children who get there much earlier are encouraged to try
Oscar and Douglas Challenges.


The children have been learning the Charlie story. A little boy who is on his way to grandma's house with  bag of goodies. On the way he meets lots of characters who are very hungry and very interested in his bag of goodies! Ask your child to act it out, and maybe they can also remember what Charlie likes to keep hidden !

They have also been learning about nouns and why they are important in a sentence.

The children have been practising writing their numbers up to 10, 20 or beyond. Remembering how to form them correctly, and recognising them out of sequence.  They have also been adding on one more to a given number.

Mrs Hope-Gill and Miss Hague have begun to teach them about the Christian Good Samaritan story . They thought about the morals from the story and compared it with the school ethos of being kind, respectful and thoughtful. 
Mrs Wells and Miss Hague will continue this learning next Wednesday afternoon.

Out door PE
Yippee the rain stopped and the children were able to practise their gross motor skills outside. There were lots of different activity stations set up for the children to explore.


Seasonal change
We thought of early signs of autumn and drew pictures of what we wear in autumn. We decided that clothes in early  autumn were confusing because some of us had shorts and sandals on whilst others had boots and long trousers on !

Lisa Wells,
17 Sep 2017, 03:06