Our English learning this week...

posted 5 Jun 2019, 07:59 by asnape@dore.sheffield.sch.uk   [ updated 5 Jun 2019, 08:03 ]

We had a very exciting start to the our last half term of Year 1 with a surprise visitor... Whilst the children were in challenge assembly, a tiger snuck in and ate all the treats Miss Snape had brought in for the children to have! The children used the clues left behind to work out that our new book is 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. Luckily the tiger bought the children some new treats so they could enjoy a nice 'tea party' whilst they shared their holiday news with their friends. 

The children have been practising their phonics this week by completing a range of phonics activities and games in the classroom to collect stickers for their 'phonics passports'.