Week 3 Our Healthy Plates , Maths, Fruits from around the World and our challenges.

posted 28 Sept 2016, 01:14 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 28 Sept 2016, 02:03 ]

The children created their own healthy plates, thinking about the foods from different food groups that help them to stay fit and healthy! Ask your child if they can remember what is a carbohydrate, dairy food, protein and fruit or vegetable.

TY numbers . Remembering our Ten numbers 
The children had to put the ten numbers into the T-pot. They had to say the number and listen for the TY sound, as the TY numbers or the Ten numbers go into the T-pot. But they had to use their place value learning so they weren't tricked by the number 10 and 100 !

Fruits from around the world.
The children were given different fruits from around the world. They had to use their senses to think about adjectives that could describe them. For example were they squishy, soft, hard, or juicy ?