Our learning this week...

posted 29 Sep 2017, 08:18 by Aisling Farrell   [ updated 29 Sep 2017, 08:42 ]

We have been looking at the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and did some live action retelling of the story! The children dropped breadcrumbs to help us return home but Mrs Wells turned into the evil witch who lured the children into the gingerbread house!

On Friday the children practiced some new SPaG skills - putting conjunctions into sentences! They did a fantastic job extending their writing and making sentences even more interesting.

The children have enjoyed listening this Conjunction Junction song to help them remember these words.


We have been practicing our place value skills using different concrete resources, such as the base 10 and numicon, to show tens and units. The numicon helped the children recognise their bonds to 10 too.

If possible, encourage your child to play this shark place value game to continue securing their tens and units learning!


The children took part in big carousel of different activities in PE, to practise skills such as hopping, skipping, running, throwing and catching. If they weren't confident at a particular activity there were ways to make it a little easier, such as using a weighted scarf to throw and catch instead of a ball. However, for those children who wanted a challenge they could try increasing the distance or amount!


We continued our learning about a significant person, Mary Seacole, this week with the children sequencing important events in her life on a human timeline!

The children also made comparisons between hospitals in Mary's time and hospitals today, which revealed things that have remained the same! We learnt how important it was, and still is, to have clean hospitals to prevent germs spreading and making patients even more ill.


On Friday's we hand out phonics homework containing the phonemes (sounds) your child has looked at this week. Any support you can offer your child to complete this is of course appreciated, but not expected. The children do receive a learning token for their efforts, so any encouragement you can give would be great! 

A copy of this week's phonics homework is attached.
Aisling Farrell,
29 Sep 2017, 08:42