Summer 1 Week 2

posted 27 Apr 2018, 08:20 by Aisling Farrell
We've been book reviewers this week in English! The children are really enjoying the story How to grow a dinosaur and wanted to share their thoughts with the reception children. Here are some lovely examples...

In Maths, we have moved on to halving and dividing by 2. The children really impressed their teachers with how they used the language of sharing, equal, parts and whole when working out their answers. All the children practiced showing their working out too! 

See if you can solve these division problems...

÷ 2 = 

14 ÷ 2 = 

20 ÷ 2 = 

42 ÷ 2 =

100 ÷ 2 = 

In topic, we have been making the dinosaur habitats we designed last week! We thought about the conditions the seeds we were planting would need to grow. We agreed they would need:

water (not too much though!)
and something to grow in... some of us thought all plants need soil, but then we thought about cacti and water lilies!

In PE, we have been back outside again to enjoy the (mostly) nicer weather! The children practiced their agility skills and throwing and catching, as well as co-ordination on a variety of different stations. It was lovely to see both Madagascar and Scotland class enjoying PE together too!

The children have, as always, tried our challenges and produced some brilliantly creative learning in the continuous provision... take a look!