Week 5

posted 13 Dec 2017, 07:05 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 13 Dec 2017, 07:25 ]
This week we have been reminding ourselves of our number bonds to 10 and looking at the links  to number bonds to 20.

Mrs Wells and Miss Farrell packed their bags ready to hibernate for the winter. Unfortunately Mrs Wells didn't choose some good items; she had packed shorts, swimming costume, sun cream and an electric hand drier! Luckily the children and Miss Farrell had better choices, she chose a warm blanket, wind up torch, snuggly sleeping bag, thick socks and a cuddly teddy bear.
The children wrote sentences explaining what they would take if they hibernated. They then underlined verbs, nouns and adjectives and some children tried the lightening challenge to use because to explain their choice.

D and T
This week we painted our salt dough hedgehogs. They were then  ready to put them in their hedgehog house so they can hibernate for the winter.

Making Hedgehog houses
The children made their hedgehog houses. They stuck leaves and  twigs on the outside to camouflage their house from predators. Then inside put leaves inside the so they were cosy and warm. Some children made doors, so the hedgehog could crawl inside.


Learning from Home
We all loved looking at the power points that some of the children made at home.