Week 4

posted 24 Mar 2017, 09:29 by Aisling Farrell

This week we have been practising our measuring skills, using both non-standard and standard methods! First we tried measuring objects outside with our hands. However, we soon realised we were all getting different answers! Can you remember why this was? 
Then we moved onto measuring using rulers  and using centimeters (cm). This was far more accurate and we were even able to mark our own work to see if we'd got our measurements correct. 
On Thursday we tried estimating the length of some objects around our base. Can you try estimating then measuring the length of the TV remote in cm (if you have one!) ? Was your estimate close to the actual measurement?


We have been writing and innovating part of the story - 'Eliot the Midnight Superhero' this week! The children came up with an exciting new location for Eliot's launcher, thinking hard about how Eliot would travel to this new location and what he will see on his way. We tried to include adjectives so we would know exactly how to illustrate our new innovation!

The children have also been learning to use the -ed suffix to change verbs into the past tense. Can you change these verbs into the past tense using the -ed suffix?


Topic - Geography

We have continued our work on our local geography and located the places we saw from our walk around school on our aerial photographs. Can you remember what an aerial photograph is?


We have been continuing our gymnastics learning this week, with some rolls and building on our balancing skills from last week. Can you remember what a leveled balance is?


The children have loved the construction challenge this week - to halve and double different amounts using the cubes!
They also used the cubes to make a house with accurate measurements for Harry and Oscar.