Week 4

posted 1 Feb 2018, 03:50 by Lisa Wells

As usual the children in year 1 are working hard and they really have blown our socks off this week.

English. The children received a letter from Handa, and she asked them lots of questions.

They wrote back to her, making sure they answered her questions, remembering to use adjectives to add detail and the conjunction 'because' to explain their reasons. The children also added their own questions. We hope Handa will enjoy reading our letters. 

Red pen polishing.
On Friday the children will be using their red pen to improve their learning. We're sure many of the children will be trying to earn brilliant and tremendous stampers.

Mrs Glossop, Miss Bradley and Mr Godwin visited our class room on Tuesday. They were impressed with how focused the children were with their maths learning and how using the bead strings helped them to work independently.
The children had to remember lots of steps.
They had to choose their challenge; mild spicy or hot.
Then had  to choose 2 numbers.
Make a number sentence with the - sign
Then used a bead string to find their answers. PHEW !


Topic . Geography
The children had their geography hats on this week. They have been comparing the U.K to Kenya.
They worked in small groups, looking at a number of different pictures and then had to decide if they were in the UK or Kenya.


Then the next day they identified the human and physical features in each picture.