Week 4

posted 23 Mar 2018, 09:35 by Lisa Wells
English Learning
Continuing  with 'Eliot the midnight Superhero' , the children have been planning their writing . For the next couple of weeks they will be re writing the story, adding interesting vocabulary, and innovating part of the story. On Monday they made their story maps and on Friday started the first part of their writing. 

The children have been putting together 2 simple sentences using conjunction, when and because .

Maths learning
The children have been learning about the 2xs tables and 10xs table. They have been thinking about them as;  groups of/ lots of . 3 lots of 2 or 3 groups of 2    6 lots of 10  or 6 groups of 10. See if you can get your child to sort everyday items into groups of 10 or groups of 2 . Maybe they could then write the corresponding number sentence.

They used numicon pieces to print with paint groups of/lots of ten and then wrote the corresponding number sentence.


The children rolled a dice. Then with the number they had rolled found that number of 2 piece numicon, grouped them together and wrote the corresponding number sentence.

Sports relief  
It was lovely to see the children in school today in their sports gear. All week we have been practising different challenges including skipping, hula hooping, catching and a scavenger  hunt. This afternoon 3 year 6 children came done to help the children complete our rotation of different challenges . They have all showed great resilience, some children trying a new activity for the first time ! So look out parents you may have some requests for hula hoops and skipping ropes !