Week 6

posted 16 Feb 2018, 08:04 by Rebecca Hague   [ updated 16 Feb 2018, 08:41 ]


We have been carrying on our learning about the story of “The Magic Brush” this week and we even had a visit from the hero of our story Chang! He painted a magic time machine which brought him all the way from Ancient China to visit the children in the classroom; it was very exciting! The children have been learning about the difference between questions and statements and wrote their own questions to ask our magical visitor. After Chang had answered all of the children’s wonderful questions the children wrote statements about what they had learnt about him.

We have also been learning this week about some tricky homophones to, two and too. They all sound the same and try to trick us but the children have worked really hard looking at different sentences and deciding which the correct homophone to choose is. Well done Y1!

Can you fill in the correct homophone: 

I like _______ swim. 

I ate _______ much cake.

I have ______ ears.


We began our Maths learning this week learning all about odd and even numbers. We met Mrs Odd and Mr Even who helped us work out which numbers were even and which were odd. Later in the week the children learnt all about doubling; the children used numicon and base 10 to help them double 1-digit, 2-digit and even 3-digit numbers! Super doubling Y1!

Can you have a go at these challenges at home?

Miss Hague is thinking of an even number – she doubles it - then takes away 2. The answer is 6. What is her number?

Miss Farrell is thinking of an odd number – she doubles it - then takes away 2. The answer is 8. What is her number?



The children have been enjoying their computing learning this week. The children have learnt all about internet safety and about the importance of not sharing their online passwords. The children have all been given new purple mash logins and these have gone home with the children earlier this week. The children will use these logins to complete computing tasks set by the teacher and can use their logins at home to access lots of different computing activities.


We have been carrying on our Phase 5 phonics learning this week and been focusing on the split digraphs a-e, i-e, e-e, o-e, u-e. To link with our computing focus this week the children have also been playing some interactive games to help them practise their phase 5 phonemes; the children had great fun playing “Yes/No Yet”. Why not try some of these games at home by clicking the link here - phonicsbloom

The Y1 team would like to wish all our lovely pupils and their families a wonderful half term. We are looking forward to seeing you in a weeks time and hearing about what you have all been up to!