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Year 2

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Staff in Y2

Welcome to Y2, our class teachers are Mrs Godfrey (USA class) and Mrs Bell (Wales class). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Swain, Mrs Allsop, Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Moser. We are also very lucky to have a graduate teacher working with us this year, Mr Morris.

Learning Journeys

During the year we will focus our learning around 6 exciting learning journeys (one every half term) which ensure comprehensive coverage of the Y2 curriculum. There will be plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning, TASC, philosophy for children and global learning.
Autumn 1 - Bouncing Back

Our first learning journey is ‘Bouncing Back’, focusing on being resilient. Our main topic will be the Great Fire of London where as historians the children will be discovering all about the plague, how the fire started and the effects it had on the city, we will make links to the present day, Covid-19 and wildfires. We will be visited by Mrs Pepys from the History Van who will take us back in time in an immersive day of learning about the Great Fire of London. As scientists we will investigate why the fire spread so easily, building our own fire in the school fire pit! The children will also be developing their historical skills by comparing houses from the 17th century to modern ones, as well as expressing our creativity learning and performing songs from that time period.

Autumn 2 - Lights, Camera, Action!
In this fabulous learning journey the creative arts are our key subjects. Children will become real actors, stage directors and producers; learning all about how stage and film productions are created. We will discover the power of music, how it affects film and create our own pieces for different emotions. As artists we will design and make our own Oscar awards to be presented in the Y2 Academy awards at the end of term. By the end of the half term the children will understand the importance of preparation and be able to star in their very own production – our Christmas nativity! 
Spring 1 - Home and Away
This terrific learning journey will be centered around the Geography of our local area. As geographers we will go on local walks to explore human and physical features and develop map reading skills. We will then compare Dore to other places in the UK. Our D&T project will involve woodwork creating a purposeful building for a specific location in the UK. In English we will follow the adventures of Katie Morag, a fictional character from the Isle of Struay. As writers we will be: composing emails to Katie Morag to tell her about us, making porridge and writing commands to help Neily Beag, as well as creating a wanted poster to help find 'Tiresome Ted'. We will also continue to develop our historical skills by investigating our family tree (you could research this over the Christmas holidays!). Computing will involve creating and improving algorithms using different programmes and robots. As aspiring artists we will observe and recreate our own versions of the work of Monet.
Spring 2 - Dore Explores
During this exciting learning journey we will continue to develop our geography skills, this time further afield to the 7 different continents. As artists we will observe, compare and contrast art in these significant countries. We will also continue to develop our map-reading skills  and compare the geography of these places to our country. As researchers and writers we will explore different weather types in the different continents and write a non-chronological report about them. As musicians we will enjoy listening to different types of music from around the world. To bring all of our exciting learning together we will be thinking about travelling around the world. We will think carefully about Aladdin's magic carpet and where it took him and Jasmine. We will then write a our own story based on the places we have learnt about. 
Summer 1 - To the Rescue!
Our penultimate learning journey will be an exciting adventure beginning with the story of the famous heroine 'Grace Darling'. We will become reporters to find out what courageous act she is remembered for, then re-enact the event in our own movies and write a report to tell other people what happened. Empathy and understanding of the sailors' disaster will develop our historical and social skills. Planning and cooking soup for the sailors will enable us to think about healthy diets as well as incorporate scientific observations of changing states. In art lessons we will use our fantastic creativity to paint, draw and print using different media. As composers we will explore a range of musical instruments and experience the many emotions music can evoke, building on our learning from the autumn term. 
Summer 2 - The Great Outdoors
Our last learning journey of the year is fantastic and really enables us to fully appreciate the nature around Dore. As scientists we will use our observational skills to look at plants and wildlife. A highlight is definitely our bug hunt where we find many interesting minibeasts! We will apply our geographical  map-reading abilities that we learnt in the Spring term. This will  lead to us designing our very own wildlife garden, encapsulating much of our English, maths, science and geography learning from this year. In outdoor learning we will create rafts and hen go on a visit to the Brook to race them (don't forget your wellies!) At the end of the year we will reflect on the learning journey we have been on, and begin to think about exciting changes as we prepare for the juniors.
Our Timetable
In Y2 a usual day will be as follows:
8:30: Doors open, children commence learning activities
8:50: Doors close, registration and lunch options
Guided Reading
Snack Time
Lunch time
Afternoon lessons
Story time
3:05: Home time
Continuous Provision
Both the Y2 classrooms are set up with a variety of areas of continuous provision linked to current learning and the Y2 curriculum. Children can access the provision as part of their afternoon lessons. The use of continuous provision helps to develop children's independent learning skills, creativity, resourcefulness and social skills.
Reading in Y2


In Y2 teachers hear children read weekly during a group guided reading session. Some pupils, who need an extra boost, may read 1:1 with a teaching assistant more frequently.


Children will be able to take home one school 'banded' book and one school 'library' book to read at home. Children can change these school reading books by placing them in the designated box on a Monday or Thursday. We want children to love books and discover the magic of reading so encourage children to read and enjoy books at home (this includes books from home/the library too)!


In Y2 you may find that your child will not move through book bands as rapidly as they have done in FS and Y1, this is usual so please do not worry (it does not mean that your child isn't making progress). However, if you think that your child needs moving up or down a book band please speak to your child’s class teacher who will reassess your child at the earliest convenience. We ask kindly that parents/carers do not move children up or down reading bands without speaking to a member of teaching staff first.




Please send your child to school in clothes appropriate for active and outdoor learning every day. 


If you would like to speak to your child's class teacher please do so at the end of the day when we operate an open door policy. There will be a teaching assistant on the door of each classroom every morning who will be available for you to speak to before school if required.
You can email Y2 staff via:
KS1 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs)
In the Summer term Y2 children will take statutory tests in Maths and Reading. ‘Most pupils will be unaware that they are taking them as teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom practice.' (  This is to ensure children do not get worried or stressed about the tests. We encourage parents to continue this approach at home.
These tests are one part of a much broader teacher assessment which will be fed back to parents with the end of year report.

Where children will either be:

•Working towards the expected standard
•Working at the expected standard
•Working at a greater depth

In reading, writing and maths.


At the bottom of this page there is an information booklet for parents of Y2 children which you may find useful. Please speak to Mrs Godfrey (leader of KS1) if you would like more information about the Y2 SATs.

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