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Year 3 Learning Journey

Thank you DPA!

posted 27 Jun 2021, 12:17 by Julie Davison

This week we unpacked and tried out our new playground games. They are so much fun and some are quite tricky too - new skills to learn we think! Spinning a ball around your ankle is not as easy as it first appears. Thank you so much DPA for keeping us so busy at lunch and break times. We love it!

Y3 Walk, Field work and Land Art

posted 24 May 2021, 12:32 by Richard Hanks

A super outdoor day for Year 3 today. The weather forecast was awful but the rain held off and we made the most of it. We returned to Eccleshall Woods enjoying the spring sights and sounds. The rain had swollen the river and brought plenty of rocks for us to collect ready for analysis. We also appreciated a very orangey tributary, theories include clay, iron and orange juice!

In the afternoon, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and our time outside, we worked in small TASC groups (or individually) to create art using only natural materials. The results were really impressive.

What a great day!

Special thanks to Mrs Granville and Miss Farrell for accompanying. 

Orienteering with dibbers

posted 18 May 2021, 07:42 by Kathryn Davis

This week we got the electronic recording system out for orienteering. The children used their map reading skills to find where 10 flags were and used an electronic dibber to record where they had been. At the end, they could see how fast they had been and try to beat their time next time. 

Science Students visit Y3

posted 18 May 2021, 07:39 by Kathryn Davis

Y3 had a great time learning about micro-organisms with some University Science students. They learned about transmission and how wearing a mask can help to reduce the spread of germs. They made different shapes of microbes using playdoh and they set up an experiment to compare their hands before and after using hand sanitiser. 

Microbe Mania

posted 16 May 2021, 12:21 by Julie Davison   [ updated 17 May 2021, 03:12 ]

This week Year 3 welcomed five scientists from Sheffield University. They came to teach us all about micro organisms. We learnt that they are all around us and are microscopic in size. We were split into 'microbe' groups - fungi, bacteria and viruses and using swabs we hunted for the dirtiest places possible in our Wildlife Area - which was great fun as you can see. Then we scrapped our swabs onto agar plates. The scientists have taken them to the laboratory, we can't wait to see which microbes will grow on them in our next lesson!


posted 4 May 2021, 08:16 by Kathryn Davis

This week we learned how to use a compass to find North, how to orientate the map and how this can help us to know which direction the markers are. We had great fun using a star course, where we came back to the start after each marker we found, and a loops course, where we went to 4 markers in a loop. 


French - Le Navet Enorme

posted 27 Apr 2021, 07:48 by Kathryn Davis

In French Y3 have been learning the story of The Enormous Turnip. They listened to and joined in with the story, played noughts and crosses to practise the key vocabulary, looked at whether words were feminine or masculine and worked in groups to perform a drama of the story. 



posted 27 Apr 2021, 07:44 by Kathryn Davis

Y3 have been enjoying their music lessons. Today they had to pass a clap around a circle as quickly as they could and they learned about pitch and rhythm. 


posted 20 Apr 2021, 07:42 by Kathryn Davis

Y3 are learning how to orientate and read maps this term in Orienteering. We started with drawing a simple map using chalk and pointing on the map where we were standing. Then in groups we set up a map using cones and gave instructions to one another to follow a simple route. We learned that a triangle means start and 2 circles means finish.  


Welcome Back!

posted 8 Mar 2021, 08:16 by Kathryn Davis

We've had a great day in Y3. It's been so nice to have full classrooms again. Welcome back to everyone who hasn't been in school for weeks! 
This morning we did a quiz to remind ourselves of the expectations in school, then we went outside for a class game of rock, paper, scissors.

This afternoon, we got stuck into our Ancient Egyptians topic. We looked at a map of the Nile, worked out where the main cities were and created a giant map outside. Then we made clay sculptures of famous landmarks and worked out where they went on our map. 


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