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Year 3 Learning Journey

Spellings w/c 19th November

posted 16 Nov 2018, 04:54 by Nicola Evans

Pole to Pole begins...

posted 16 Nov 2018, 04:49 by Nicola Evans

This week in Y3 we have started a brand new topic called "Pole to Pole". As geographers, we investigated a range of different destinations around the world, considered the natural features and climate in each location. The children decided which place they would most like to visit on a holiday and explained their reasons for their choices.

To develop as writers, we have also started a new teaching sequence all about Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition to the South Pole. To immerse ourselves fully in this topic, we completed a fact hunt around the classroom, watched documentaries about the explorers and even had chance to hot seat our very own Captain Robert Falcon Scott! We also acted out scenes from their diaries and thought carefully about the feelings and emotions arising during their adventure.

In maths, we are exploring multiplication and our key words this week have been "factors" and "multiples". We have used a range of concrete apparatus to find factors of numbers and completed an always, sometimes or never? investigation to see which patterns we could spot in the 8 times table. 

Finally, there have been lots of Pudsey bears wandering around school today! We had a wonderful morning in KS2 fundraising for Children in Need. The children were all fantastic and the range of stalls across the juniors was brilliant and displayed so much creativity! 

Spellings w/c 12th November

posted 9 Nov 2018, 08:20 by Nicola Evans

Autumn 2 Week 1 and we're all glad to be back!

posted 9 Nov 2018, 08:19 by Heather Wyatt

What a fabulous week of learning in Y3 this week!
As writers, the children have finished off their sequence of learning about instructions. They all wrote instructions for a game that they had made up themselves, and the following lesson had to follow each other's instructions to see how effective and easy to follow they were. The children then reviewed and improved their work, before writing them up in neat. Some fabulous writing!

Mrs Evans' class completed their RE learning this week by reflecting on their learning about prayer. They recorded their wishes and hopes onto flowers, and watched as the petals unfolded when they set their closed flowers on the water.

As mathematicians, to finish off our unit on addition and subtraction, the children all had to plan a birthday party. They had £20 to spend, and had to look up their own items to buy, working out their total costs and how much money they would have left at the end. They used their column addition and subtraction skills to help them very effectively.

Finally, to finish off our 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' topic, the children transformed into scientists and tested eight different foods for fat content. They decided in groups how to make their experiment a fair test, and then rubbed each food onto some packing paper to see how much of a greasy mark they left behind. We were so impressed with the teamwork and scientific discussions that took place on each table, especially regarding the food groups and the children's observations.

Spelling w/c 5th November

posted 25 Oct 2018, 09:02 by Nicola Evans

When the root word begins with r, the prefix ir- is used instead of in-

A creative week in Y3...

posted 25 Oct 2018, 09:01 by Nicola Evans

As we approach the end of the first half term, the children have been finding lots of opportunities to be creative with their learning activities.

Y3GW continue to learn the violin and each child composed little tunes for their partner to attempt to copy and play back to them. The confidence of the children is growing and they can identify the different strings well and will be beginning to introduce the bow after half term.

In PE, we have been practising specific skills for tag rugby on a Monday and working on throwing and catching with precision on a Tuesday. The children have enjoyed having the opportunity to play cooperatively as a team and develop tactics together as they play. They also took part in a diving workshop this week with coaches from a local diving club. They practised maintaining good balance and completing a series of different rolls.

As we are approaching Remembrance Day, the children have been creating poppies to contribute to a memorial display which will be in the KS2 hall. The children carefully considered the different collaging effects that they could use with the tissue and crepe paper and thoughtfully and creatively designed their poppies.

Our RE topic this term has been "How and why do people pray?" To reflect on their learning this term, the children wrote their ideas and hopes for the future on flowers then folded the petals over. When these were placed in water, the children observed them opening up and floating on the surface!

Spellings w/c 22nd October

posted 19 Oct 2018, 09:27 by Nicola Evans

If a root word begins with m or p, the prefix im- is used instead of in-

One World Week!

posted 19 Oct 2018, 07:46 by Heather Wyatt

It's been a busy week in Y3, with lots of global learning. Well done to all the children for their excellent learning at home, it's been lovely to see the wide range of learning that has taken place about their class countries. This afternoon the children all shared their learning from home with each other in order to create their own atlas page all about Italy or Greenland.

In English we completed our sequence of learning about persuasion and created our own posters to advertise our delicious meals that we cooked last week. We have since begun a new sequence of learning all about instructions, so the children have been immersed in instructions - making lanterns, paper aeroplanes and chains of people; as well as ordering instructions and creating a checklist of features.


In Y3E the children have had a wonderful morning of outdoor learning - making twine and enjoying the Autumn sunshine!

A fantastic start to Y3

posted 15 Oct 2018, 05:10 by Nicola Evans

We are all so proud of the great start that all of the children have made to life in Y3. Since the beginning of term, we have been enjoying a brilliant topic called "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" and the children have been working as Scientists to explore the different food groups and how to maintain a balanced diet.

This week, each class visited the design and technology studio and cooked a meal. The children used safe cutting techniques to prepare the vegetables and create the dishes. We also carefully considered how good food hygiene could be maintained throughout the session. Over the next few weeks, children will use this experience to practise writing instructions and recipes as part of our English teaching sequence.

This week has also been kindness week in school and we have been thinking about how we can show this school value throughout the day. Children acted out different scenarios and thought of ways to encourage each other. Following this, the children wrote kind messages to each other on flowers and we "planted" these in the classroom to remind us about the importance of kindness.

In English, we have been focusing on persuasive writing and looking at different techniques such as slogans, rhyme and repetition that are used in marketing. We completed a persuasive feature hunt where we searched for these techniques in real adverts and identified their impact.

Y3GW are making excellent progress as they develop as musicians through weekly violin lessons. They have learnt how to care for the instrument properly and recognise the different strings on the violin. 

Finally, on Friday everyone came dressed as bees or in bee related outfit to raise money for Kenyan beekeepers. We had a fantastic assembly from someone that has been out to Kenya to see the work firsthand and some children even had the opportunity to try on a beekeeping suit and taste some Kenyan honey.

Well done everyone for your wonderful creativity!

Spellings w/c 15th October

posted 12 Oct 2018, 08:21 by Nicola Evans

Spelling rule: The prefix in- can mean "not" or "into"

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