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Year 3 Learning Journey

Climate Change Protest P4C

posted 20 Sep 2019, 08:17 by Richard Hanks

Today, Mr Hanks's children joined the Climate Change protest. The Year 3 children discussed whether this was a good thing to do. 

Many children initially said no. Education is a right and should not be given up. 

We then explored what climate change was and why some people think it is the most important issue. Some Year 3s already did thinks to help prevent climate change such as not using aeroplanes and not buying products with palm oil.

By the end of our discussion, some children believed a strike was an appropriate choice. Other children thought staying in school and using their education to prevent climate change was a better choice.

What do you think?

For more information, see the BBC Newsround webpage we looked at in school.

Year 3 Spelling - Week 2 - 16th September 2019

posted 15 Sep 2019, 23:43 by Richard Hanks

Year 3 Spelling - Week 1 - 9th September 2019

posted 11 Sep 2019, 03:10 by Richard Hanks

Outdoor learning in the sunshine

posted 4 Jul 2019, 04:56 by Lorah Allen

This week as outdoor learners, we made dens. We worked as a team to build waterproof dens out of sticks, string and tarpaulin. We had to be resilient as it was hard work, creative and kind to one another for the team to be successful.

Week 34 spellings

posted 4 Jul 2019, 04:46 by Lorah Allen

Y3E Musical Showcase

posted 25 Jun 2019, 09:28 by Laura Guiton

As musicians, Y3E performed at the violin and drum concert, which went really well. It's amazing how quickly they have picked up the skills necessary to play the violin so well! Thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch. We hope that you enjoyed the performance.

Spellings week 33

posted 20 Jun 2019, 00:43 by Lorah Allen

Outdoor learning

posted 20 Jun 2019, 00:42 by Lorah Allen

This week in outdoor learning, the children did some square lashing and made Inuit houses.


posted 14 Jun 2019, 06:02 by Lorah Allen

Year 3's science experiment this week was exploring which liquids help plants grow the most. They are currently growing cress in water, orange, 7up, Coke Cola and Dr Pepper. Which do you think will help the cress grow the most? Who will win?

Outdoor learning

posted 14 Jun 2019, 02:42 by Lorah Allen

Here are their finished products.
Well dressing

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