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Year 3 Learning Journey

A big thank you!

posted 15 Feb 2019, 08:33 by Heather Wyatt

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for their generosity this week, I have been overwhelmed with everyone's kindness and gifts! It feels very surreal to be leaving the year half way through, and I will miss our class greatly. I wish everyone the best of luck for the rest of Y3 and onward. Thank you again for your well wishes! Mrs Wyatt

Spellings w/c 25th February

posted 15 Feb 2019, 04:05 by Nicola Evans

Another busy week of learning in Y3

posted 15 Feb 2019, 04:05 by Nicola Evans

As we come to the end of another half term, the children have continued to display the school values throughout their learning activities.

As mathematicians, we have been developing our data handling skills through our statistics topic. The children have been resilient with solving problems during a treasure hunt around the classroom and also demonstrated kindness through their excellent team working to solve statistics problems in a group relay race.

Continuing the theme of kindness, we have been working as a team in PE and developing our throwing and catching skills. On Monday afternoons this half term, children have been practising handball skills. On Tuesdays, we have been learning a Stone Age dance routine. Both teachers have been incredibly impressed with how well children have remembered the routines!

In French, we followed a hunt around the school grounds to find different colours and then practised spelling the names of lots of French animals.

Our Mists of Time topic continues and this week we explored key historical events from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. As historians, we worked together to order these event chronologically and made prehistoric timelines to show these events.

Striving for excellence in Year 3

posted 11 Feb 2019, 03:51 by Laura Guiton

Year 3 started our new topic, 'The Mists of Time' and started to investigate life in the Stone Age. To immerse ourselves in the topic we went on a information hunt finding out about Stone Age houses, jewellery, diet and clothing. To show our learning each group created a freeze frame set in the Stone Age. Can you guess what each group are trying to show?

Y3E have continued their music lessons by playing singing, chanting and rhythm games. Y3E can't wait to show how well they listen and respond, to show they are ready to start their learning on the violins.

This week Year 3 thought about how they could be safe on the internet as part of Safer Internet Day. This year the theme has been "Together for a better internet".  Although children are learning about online safety throughout the year, mostly through PSHE and Computing, SID provides an opportunity to give this important area of learning some extra focus.

Y3 completed a quiz about online safety and then discussed how to deal with a range of different scenarios they could be presented with on the internet. They sorted actions into "Safe" and "Unsafe" categories and then created posters to inform others about keeping safe on the internet.

This week our Maths learning has been all about statistics. As Mathematicians we investigated the features of Pictograms, Tally charts, Tables and Bar Charts. We created our own pictogram collecting data from the class. Look carefully to see how neatly we have set our work out.

Spellings w/c 11th February

posted 11 Feb 2019, 00:39 by Nicola Evans

Spellings w/c 4th February

posted 1 Feb 2019, 04:30 by Nicola Evans

Pole to Pole learning in Y3

posted 1 Feb 2019, 04:28 by Nicola Evans

As the weather has become icy and cold, the children have continued learning through our Pole to Pole topic and been able to imagine how incredibly cold life must be each day for people living in the Arctic! As writers, the children have written excellent, informative non-chronological reports all about the Inuit community. They edited and reviewed their writing through peer assessment to identify the features that they had already included and share ideas for including extra elements. A highlight of the week was typing up the reports so that they looked professional and then a visit to Y2 to share the reports with them.

The children have also been exploring the effects of global warming and climate change. They looked at the main gases that are contributing to the greenhouse effect and investigated which activities increase the release of these gases and which alternatives could be used instead. Look at our brilliant posters below.

Our RE learning this half term is all about inspirational people from the past. This week, the children acted out miracles of Jesus in groups and entertained the rest of the class with their performances. We have also looked at key attributes and values that we think make people inspirational and reflected on who inspires each of us.

Y3E had their last outdoor learning session with Mrs Wells and had a brilliant time being immersed in our new “Mists of Time” topic. The children foraged for materials to make their own paints and paintbrushes and then showed lots of creativity through completing their own cave drawings.

Inspired by the wonderful violin concert from Y3GW last week, Y3E have started violin lessons this week. They completed a range of activities, such as clapping games, singing activities and passing the object, to help develop their knowledge of rhythm and tempo.  

Y2 visit to share our writing

posted 1 Feb 2019, 02:07 by Katy Godfrey

Spelling w/c 28th January

posted 28 Jan 2019, 00:23 by Nicola Evans

Money, money, money!

posted 25 Jan 2019, 08:05 by Heather Wyatt

In maths this week, the children have been focussing their learning on money, starting with how to make amounts and moving on to solving problems and applying their learning. They also had to use some reasoning skills to answer some true or false statements from around the classroom.

As musicians, Y3GW performed at the violin concert, which went really well. It's amazing how quickly they have picked up the skills necessary to play the violin so well! Thank you to everyone who was able to come and watch.

In topic we have been learning about global warming and climate change. The children produced posters to demonstrate their knowledge about greenhouse gases and what causes them. They then showed how these gases contribute to global warming.

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