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Year 3 Learning Journey

Welcome Back!

posted 8 Mar 2021, 08:16 by Kathryn Davis

We've had a great day in Y3. It's been so nice to have full classrooms again. Welcome back to everyone who hasn't been in school for weeks! 
This morning we did a quiz to remind ourselves of the expectations in school, then we went outside for a class game of rock, paper, scissors.

This afternoon, we got stuck into our Ancient Egyptians topic. We looked at a map of the Nile, worked out where the main cities were and created a giant map outside. Then we made clay sculptures of famous landmarks and worked out where they went on our map. 


The Mists of Time

posted 8 Feb 2021, 06:00 by Julie Davison

We have been eating, drawing and building like our Stone Age ancestors...

Fun in the Snow...

posted 8 Feb 2021, 05:57 by Julie Davison


posted 28 Jan 2021, 13:26 by Julie Davison

Non-fiction Inuit Reports

posted 25 Jan 2021, 07:40 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 25 Jan 2021, 10:03 ]

The last bit of learning in our Pole to Pole topic was producing a non-fiction report about the Inuit. Here are some produced using Slides on Google Classroom.

Celebration - Pole to Pole

posted 22 Jan 2021, 10:44 by Julie Davison

Year 3 Meets and Learning - Google Classroom

posted 20 Jan 2021, 23:54 by Richard Hanks

Well done for getting logged in and using Google Classroom. 

From today, Thursday 21st January, all our daily meetings and learning will be published on Google Classroom.

If you have any trouble logging on, please contact the Y3 staff on the Y3 email address.

Y3 Remote Learning - Wednesday 20th January 2021

posted 19 Jan 2021, 09:45 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 19 Jan 2021, 09:46 ]

Daily Google Meet 

Access the Google Meet in your Google Classroom at:

9:45 – Y3GD 

10:15 – Y3H


Scaling, Miss Hill has prepared an special lesson with a Roald Dahl theme.
Loom Link:
You will need to complete the learning using the Slides on Google Classroom:



Keep writing your report,
Use the Success Criteria to help.


Practice some key letter joins ng and ch:
Loom link
If needed, use the worksheets at the bottom of this page.


No Loom today!

Load up the database from yesterday and answer the questions for your class. They are attached at the bottom of this page.


Miss Bhardwaj has read us a story!
Loom link

Spend at least 15 minutes reading independently or with an adult. Feel free to read more if you like! Let us know any good book recommendations we can share!

Fancy doing something else?

  • Explore other databases on PurpleMash 2Investigate.
  • Revise Countries and Continents. Look at this BBC Bitesize page . Try as many activities as you like. 

And there is always:

  • TimesTable Rockstars
  • PurpleMash > English Grammar > Early Birds

Please celebrate your child's learning by sending in pictures of their work to the year group email:

Instructions for adding data to our class database

posted 19 Jan 2021, 02:54 by Richard Hanks

Here is a Google Document on Google Classroom explaining how to add data to our class database.

Instructions for adding data to your class database

Year 3 Spelling wc 18 January 2021

posted 18 Jan 2021, 23:34 by Richard Hanks

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable. The consonant letter is not doubled if the syllable is unstressed. 
  • gardening
  • gardened
  • limited
  • limiting
  • developing
  • developed
  • listening
  • listened
  • covered
  • covering

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