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Year 3 Learning Journey

Children in Need - Year 3

posted by Richard Hanks

There is lots of information about Children in Need at Dore Primary on the main news page, but we wanted to celebrate the Year 3's first experience of the full junior fund-raising experience.

Right from the early morning work out session to the final grand total the Y3s have had a brilliant day.

Many, many children wanted to run stalls and it was very hard to narrow down the selection to fit in the space.

The stall-holders organised everything brilliantly and works so well in their teams. They made it great fun for everyone.

Year 3 were the most committed raffle ticket buyers! It is no wonder we did so well!

Everyone enjoyed visited the stalls, sometimes winning sometimes not! Their behaviour has been so mature even considering the amounts of treats consumed.

Well done Year 3! Looking forward to next year?

Ice-climbing in Norway

posted 13 Nov 2019, 08:53 by Richard Hanks

Last week we were treated to a insight into ice-climbing in Norway. Parent Steve, showed us:
  • the geography of Rjukan, including how the town installed a mirror on the valley-side to reflect the winter sun onto the town.
  • the equipment he needed
  • photos of his adventures
The children really enjoyed the session and had a go putting some the sheltering techniques into practice in Outdoor Learning with Mr Fletcher.

We are considering a new residential destination next year!   

Year 3 Spellings - Week 8

posted 11 Nov 2019, 23:29 by Richard Hanks

Pole to Pole - Off to Antarctica

posted 10 Nov 2019, 08:05 by Julie Davison

We have started our new 'Pole to Pole' topic this week by heading to the South Pole and into the chill of the Antarctica. We crawled into the explorers tents set up in our classrooms; sprung like penguins and balanced dangerously over deep crevasses as we travelled along glaciers - just like 'Scott of the Antarctic' and his team. 

Next we began to research Robert Falcon Scott's expedition: finding facts on a reading treasure hunt; examining photos; watching a programme that took us inside Scott's Antarctic base and interviewing our very own explorer (AKA Mrs Hamnett)!

Year 3 Spellings - Week 7

posted 4 Nov 2019, 23:39 by Richard Hanks

Healthy Walk

posted 25 Oct 2019, 00:02 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 25 Oct 2019, 00:04 ]

To mark the end of the (long) half term we went on a (long) healthy walk round Eccleshall woods. Putting into practice what we learnt in our 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' topic we enjoyed being outdoors exercising our bodies and minds together. The children were excellent making the most of the opportunity to explore their local environment. 

We also built on what children had been doing in Outdoor Learning sessions: identify plants, mammals, birds, invertebrates, fungi and natural features.

We also took time to share (mainly) healthy snacks for a picnic in Donkey Field.

Well done  Year 3: have a rest during half term!

Thank you to the parents who helped us along the way.

Skeletons and muscles

posted 18 Oct 2019, 12:20 by Julie Davison

In Science we have been learning about the clever jobs that our bones and muscles do; helping us to support our bodies; helping us to move and importantly to keep our organs protected. Katie's mum, who is a physiotherapist, came in to tell us even more!

One World Week

posted 18 Oct 2019, 11:51 by Julie Davison

Its 'One World Week' in school and we have been busy learning about our class country 'Italy'. We started off by sharing all of the wonderful learning we brought from home, learning new facts from each others work. We added to our knowledge further using the internet before using all of this wonderful information to make a children's atlas page all about Italy. Have a look at our resourceful day...

Handwriting Heros

posted 11 Oct 2019, 08:16 by Julie Davison

We are celebrating our very first 'trial' pen licences in Year Three. This is a tremendous achievement for these children at such an early stage of the school year! 

Mrs Glossop looked through all of their Learning books checking for consistently joined and fluent letters, page after page. Wow they did it - well done!

Celebration Assembly, Spaghetti and Herman the Land Snail

posted 10 Oct 2019, 08:28 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 10 Oct 2019, 08:30 ]

 Spaghetti Pomodoro

All the children in Year 3 really enjoyed cooking a healthy Italian meal this week. They used and developed a range of food technology skills and made the most of an extra meal, trying different flavours and textures.

Some of the children were interested in recreating the meal at home, you  can find the recipe at the bottom of this page.

Herman the African Land Snail

Herman and his adult helper, visited us today. The children really enjoyed meeting him and asked some very insightful scientific questions. We will be considering the difference between Herman's bones, muscles and organs and our own.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Celebration Assembly

Last Friday, Y4H Norway hosted celebration assembly, we shared:

PE skills

Food groups

Balanced meals

Exciting Menus

Watercolour painting



A brilliant song!

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