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Year 4 Learning Journey

Keep the poetry coming......

posted 31 Mar 2020, 06:50 by Sarah Drazek


Lego challenges, Science Investigations and Poetry

posted 30 Mar 2020, 10:41 by Sarah Drazek

It's wonderful to see that the learning continues - well done everyone.

Easter Holidays

posted 26 Mar 2020, 11:46 by Sarah Drazek   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 11:47 ]

Hello everyone,

As we know, next week marks the start of the Easter Holidays (but not as we have ever known them before).  We appreciate that some of you will be finding your own ways of keeping your families happy and healthy and that others will appreciate a little more structure and guidance. With that in mind, we are providing some ideas for learning for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays. The whole school community (whether at home or in school) will have the same theme; by doing this we will be able to share and celebrate some of your creative endeavours on our new school Face Book page (Dore Primary Community Page- you will have received an email invite). Please, do not at all feel pressured in any way to see this as a check list or a requirement (no one is checking!). At this moment in time the best thing to do is whatever is best for your family.

 Easter Holidays Week 1     –    The Wind in the Willows (see A4 page)

-      Create a ‘Sunshine’ to display in your windows

 Easter Holidays Week 2    –    The Time we spring cleaned the world (see A4 page)

-      Create an ‘Easter’ picture to display in your windows

 Just a reminder of other key recommendations:

 Watch this space….. Mr Percy has some ideas to write/ produce a song.

Absolutely fabulous learning from home.

posted 26 Mar 2020, 11:44 by Sarah Drazek

It was delightful to read through all of the emails sent to our new Y4 email address ( and to see the high quality of work that has been produced at home. All of the emails and pictures certainly made me smile! Here's a snap shot of some of the great work from Y4.


Y4 Building Bridges - S.T.E.A.M Project

posted 25 Mar 2020, 03:35 by Richard France

The week before 'everything changed', Y4s took part in the Dendrite 'Build to the Line' bridge building challenge.  During the week, we thought about strong shapes and strong structures, studied some famous bridges around the world, and learned how to fold and join corrugated cardboard using plastic screws and hooks.

Then, on Friday, we worked in groups to try and construct successful bridges.  They had to be at least 2 metres long, 25cm from the ground all the way across, between 15-25cm wide and be able to hold at least 500g in the middle.  Oh, and no piece of card could be longer than 1 metre.  What a challenge it was!

As you can see from the photos, we had many, many designs and ideas.  The children worked fantastically in their groups - cooperating, sharing ideas and tools, and supporting each other all the time.  Most groups found they needed to have some sort of suspension system in place to enable the middle of the bridge to maintain the required height.


Learning from Home - Week 1

posted 19 Mar 2020, 06:39 by Sarah Drazek   [ updated 19 Mar 2020, 09:31 by Caroline Simpson ]

Hi everyone, 

Here is the plan for week 1. As a starting point open up the Home Learning Timetable which will provide the web links. We have named all of the documents with the day of learning first, followed by the name of the file. The Anglo Saxons booklet will require you to sign up to Twinkle - this is currently free. I hope that you will be able to navigate the planning. Just do your best. 

These documents can also be found in the Google Drive document: set up by our amazing Y4 parents. In future weeks the timetable will be included on the Y4 Learning Journey with all of the documents required included within the google drive.


Spellings - Set 22 - Test 20th March 2020

posted 13 Mar 2020, 01:02 by Sue Dalley

Y4 Spellings – Set 22
Test: 20
th March 2020


Word list

Words with the long ‘sh’ sound spelt ch (mostly French in origin)


Words ending with the ‘g’ sound spelt –gue and the ‘k’ sound spelt –que (French in origin)



















Dore Bread Journey - Baking Begins!

posted 12 Mar 2020, 11:53 by Richard France

After being inspired by our visits from Martha , we have begun to produce some amazing loaves of bread! Y4 parents please add to these twitter posts. #dorebreadjourney #forgebakehouse

Many, many thanks to an amazing Y4 parent who donated all the ingredients for the whole year group.


Spellings - Set 21 - Test 13th March 2020

posted 5 Mar 2020, 23:45 by Sue Dalley

Y4 Spellings – Set 21
Test: 13th March 2020


Word list

Words with the ‘k’ sound spelt ch  (Greek in origin)












Spellings - Set 20 - Test 6th March 2020

posted 27 Feb 2020, 23:46 by Sue Dalley

Y4 Spellings – Set 20
Test: 6th March 2020


Word list

Endings which sound like “shone” spelt like –sion and –cian

Strictly speaking, the suffixes are –ion and –ian. Clues about whether to put t, s, ss or c before these suffixes often come from the last letter or letters of the root word.

–sion is used if the root word ends in d or se.
Exceptions: attend – attention, intend – intention.

–cian is used if the root word ends in c or cs














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