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Year 3 Learning Journey

Maths in Year 3

posted 11 Oct 2017, 03:22 by Laura Guiton

This week in Maths we have been finding out about addition. We used our place value grids to complete an addition calculation. If there were more than ten ones we had to 'regroup' and move to the tens column. 

This Maths work will help us to visualise the calculation ready for some work later in the week on column addition.  

Week 4

posted 28 Sep 2017, 08:49 by Heather Wyatt

Year three have been working hard this week, honing their reasoning skills in maths, and also practising their estimating. We went out onto the playground on Wednesday and had to work in teams to create a 0-1000 numberline, with all of the multiples of 10 and 100 labelled in the correct places.

In English this week we finished off our immersion with some freeze-frame drama work - trying to empathise with how Jessica Ennis-Hill might have been feeling when she won her medals.
We then analysed a biography and identified the features (pronouns, key events, written in the 3rd person, dates, time conjunctions and written in the past tense). On Thursday we learnt all about the present perfect tense (describing something that has happened in the past but is still true - eg. Jessica has retired from competing in the Olympics.) We all had to interview our classmates, to find out who had experienced certain things. We then created sentences using the present perfect tense.

We have also been learning some French and played 'Jacque a dit . . .' (do you know what that translates to?)

PE - throwing skills

posted 21 Sep 2017, 01:14 by Richard France

In PE Y3 have been practising accurate throwing and catching skills, using a range of equipment and techniques.  For each activity, children had to think about whether underarm or overarm throws were best, and how they could make sure their throws went to their target.


Year 3 Learning at Home - Spellings

posted 20 Sep 2017, 04:01 by Laura Guiton

Here are this weeks spellings. Children will be tested on Friday. Many thanks for your support. 

Jessica Ennis-Hill Reading Treasure Hunt

posted 20 Sep 2017, 03:51 by Laura Guiton

In English we have been finding out about Jessica Ennis-Hill as an inspirational athlete. We completed a 'reading treasure hunt' to find out as many facts about her as we could. 

The Year 3 team were very impressed with team work skills, quick reading and ability to answer tricky comprehension questions. 

Please ask your children if they can remember one fact about Jessica Ennis-Hill. 

A few more photos from the first two weeks

posted 15 Sep 2017, 05:05 by Heather Wyatt

We're all so impressed at how grown up and independent the children have been this term, and how hard they have been trying!

What a wonderful start to the year!

posted 13 Sep 2017, 03:50 by Nicola Evans

Y3 have had a brilliant start to the year and all of the Y3 team are very impressed with how well everyone has settled into the juniors.

In maths, we have been using a range of practical equipment to explore different ways of representing the place value of numbers. In english, we've been sharing our favourite books and the reasons why we love them so much. We've also been practising putting objects into alphabetical order and using dictionaries to look up spellings and word definitions. 

Our "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" topic has been introduced and we worked in groups to produce posters to represent the different food groups and their functions. We've also been completing lots of tricky team work challenges and exploring the different roles that people play in a team.

Have a look at the photographs below to see our highlights from the week...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, cont.

posted 18 Jul 2017, 02:37 by Caroline Simpson

More photos from our super, sun-drenched say at Filey on Monday.


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

posted 18 Jul 2017, 00:45 by Nicola Evans   [ updated 18 Jul 2017, 00:48 ]

We had fantastic weather for a lovely day out at Filey. The children enjoyed comparing the geographical features of Filey to Dore and exploring the wonderful seaside town.


Seaside TASC

posted 14 Jul 2017, 08:53 by Nicola Evans

Ecuador have had a creative day designing and making seaside buildings. They were challenged to include an aspect of their recent learning about electricity in their designs. Working in groups, they discussed and combined their ideas, communicating well with each other. Have a look at their fantastic creations below and see if you can spot any bulbs, motors and switches that have been included! 

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