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Year 4 Learning Journey

Explanation eBooks

posted 18 Jul 2019, 03:11 by Richard Hanks

Children in Year 4 have been creating eBooks explaining the RSPB Challenges and our trip to the Peak District. We used an online app called Book Creator. In particular children have considered how to make their texts accessible, for example, readable by people with visual impairment.

The results can be read in our online library.

Year 4 Go Wild in the Peak District

posted 4 Jul 2019, 02:51 by Richard Hanks

On Wednesday, 4th July 2019, the Years enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Peak District by train. The children had planned the trip themselves using maps, timetables and information texts. Before leaving we had planned our route, itinerary, activities, risk assessment and letters to parents with all the relevant information. 

All the careful organisation resulted in a fabulous day, and the glorious sunny weather helped too.

We got to Dore and Totley station early, but the time passed quickly as the other trains blew their horns to say hello to us! The journey included the Totley Tunnel, the length of which amazed everyone.

We arrived at Grindleford station and began our walk up Padley Gorge looking for wildlife or at least evidence of it. We enjoyed matching natural colours to paint swatch charts!

In the Longshaw Estate we avoided the mass of wood ants and their nests and enjoyed lunch by the stream in the shade of the trees (the children too the opportunity for some jumping and tree climbing!)

Pressing on we built some habitat stacks for invertebrates and noticed the different landscapes and habitats. We were treated to the sight of deer crossing our path and a family of cows watching us closely. The children were brilliant at keeping calm and not startling the animals.

The last leg included a steep scrambling descent to back to Grindleford, where we had a little time for pond dipping in the cool river. 

Finally we returned to school via Dore and Totley, tired and hot, but full of adventure stories.

Spellings-week 33

posted 1 Jul 2019, 06:06 by Lorren Henstock


posted 24 Jun 2019, 00:32 by Lorren Henstock


posted 17 Jun 2019, 00:35 by Lorren Henstock

Year 4 Hockey Tournament

posted 15 May 2019, 10:44 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 15 May 2019, 11:00 ]

Year 4 celebrated the children's significant improvements in Hockey skills with a tournament between all the children in twelve teams across Year 4.

Last week, two Dore teams competed at a South Sheffield competition at Abbeydale Sports Ground. These children lead the teams in our school competition.

It was fantastic to see all the children playing so enthusiastically for their team, co-operating together and celebrating good play. We also witness so true resilience with children bouncing straight back from knocks and falls!

Teams competed in a Cup, Plate and Bowl competition and these proved incredibly well balanced with two competitions drawn and the other only decided after a golden goal. Congratulations to all the winning teams and everyone for such a dedicated morning of sport.

A special mention should go to our special Trophy crafters and presenters for the wonderful prizes.

Dore Village Trip

posted 30 Apr 2019, 01:59 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 1 May 2019, 23:45 ]

Last week, the Year 4 children took a trip around Dore village. We acted as geographers assessing the services, land use and facilities that Dore had to offer.

Even for children who knew the village very well, we all noticed new things and assessed what sort of community Dore is, its main features, how these have changed over the years and how they could change in the future.

The children made insightful observations and interpretations and sustained there curiosity (despite a lack of snacks!)

We were incredibly lucky with the weather which was awful before and after our explorations. 

We are very grateful to the parents who gave up there time to support the children.

We are now using our detailed knowledge to compare Dore to a settlement:  Margate in Kent.

The Battle of Dore and the mystery of Sutton Hoo

posted 30 Mar 2019, 23:25 by Richard Hanks

After the History Van visit, the children in Year 4 have continued to find about about the Anglo Saxon History of Dore.

We visited King's Croft and the village green to recreate the submission of King Eanred to King Ecgbert, at which point he became: "overlord of all England".

We used this understanding to write reports about King Ecgbert and Dore to tell them about this lesser-known ruler.

We sent our finished reports to volunteers at Sutton Hoo, a much more famous, Anglo Saxon site. We have used a video link to collaborate with the National Trust staff and volunteers at Sutton Hoo to learn about the fabulous artefacts that were discovered there.

The Year 4s have really enjoyed the Anglo Saxon topic especially getting to know Dore's significance. Next term we will think about whether everyone should know more about Dore!

Anglo Saxon pennants

posted 30 Mar 2019, 23:24 by Richard Hanks

To prepare for the Anglo Saxon "Battle of Dore" in 829AD we have been developing our design and technology skills to sew pennants inspired by the imagery of Anglo Saxon kings and kingdoms. This includes the wyvern of King Ecbgert that is the inspiration for our school logo.

Children needed to:
  • Review icons and colours
  • Design their own achievable plan
  • Cut materials to the correct shape
  • Thread needles!
  • Pin the items together
  • Select and use an appropriate stitch: running, back or blanket
  • Adapt their plans as needed
  • Review and celebrate the end results
A big thank you to the parents who supported us, the end results look fantastic!

Year 4 - Anglo Saxon - History Van

posted 6 Mar 2019, 09:02 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 6 Mar 2019, 09:17 ]

Today we were treat to a visit from The History Van, loaded with objects and ideas to inspire our learning about the Anglo-Saxons. Edith, from Northumbria visited us to explain how a great meeting had happened here in Dore in 829AD between King Eanred and King Ecgbert. We prepared for this by:
  • Preparing ink and parchment
  • Writing in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  • Illuminating letters
  • Looking after our animals
  • Grinding flour to feed the army
  • Milking cows and sheep
  • Cooking supplies
  • Spinning wool
  • Dressing in appropriate clothes
  • Relaxing with some games
  • Arming ourselves with battle axes
  • Preparing a battle chant
In the end, there was no battle: King Eanred submitted to King Ecgbert who became first king of England!

I was a super day, the children were fantastically excited about the Anglo-Saxon history right here in Dore. A big thank you to Kathryn from the History Van for bringing it to life for us!

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