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Year 4 Learning Journey

Spellings - Test 22nd November 2019

posted 14 Nov 2019, 03:50 by Sarah Drazek

Spellings - Test 15th November

posted 7 Nov 2019, 01:36 by Sarah Drazek   [ updated 8 Nov 2019, 04:52 by Richard France ]

Y4 Audio Books

posted 5 Nov 2019, 07:20 by Richard France

As a culmination of some excellent story-writing in Y4, children recorded their Tudor Mysteries as audio books using the iPads.  You may need to alter the volume on the device you listen to them on to optimise the listening experience as we have had difficulty doing this in school!

Y4 Reading with Y1

posted 5 Nov 2019, 01:18 by Richard France   [ updated 5 Nov 2019, 01:19 ]

During Autumn One, Y4 children spent time in class practising reading for fluency with picture books, in order to prepare themselves to read with the Y1 children.  The Y4s were very motivated by this challenge, and ended the term with a very successful visit to Y1 to share some stories.

Year 4 Autumn 1 Learning Update

posted 3 Nov 2019, 08:28 by Richard France   [ updated 3 Nov 2019, 14:42 ]

Now we have photographic permissions back from parents, we are able to update you on some of the great learning that has gone on in Y4 during the first half term.

Investigating Tudor Artefacts

Tudor Coats of Arms
We studied coats of arms and how they came to be during the Middle Ages.  Children designed ones that represented them or their family.  In outdoor learning, we worked in groups to produce a coat of arms using natural resources hat represented Dore Primary School.


The Battle of Bosworth Field Re-enactment

Visit to Hardwick Hall

Outdoor Estimating and Measuring

Year 4 Set 8 Spellings - Test 8th November

posted 3 Nov 2019, 08:02 by Richard France

Year 4 - Set 7 - Test 24th October

posted 21 Oct 2019, 10:58 by Sarah Drazek

Y4 Spellings - Set 6 (Test 18/10/19)

posted 11 Oct 2019, 08:07 by Richard France

Explanation eBooks

posted 18 Jul 2019, 03:11 by Richard Hanks

Children in Year 4 have been creating eBooks explaining the RSPB Challenges and our trip to the Peak District. We used an online app called Book Creator. In particular children have considered how to make their texts accessible, for example, readable by people with visual impairment.

The results can be read in our online library.

Year 4 Go Wild in the Peak District

posted 4 Jul 2019, 02:51 by Richard Hanks

On Wednesday, 4th July 2019, the Years enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Peak District by train. The children had planned the trip themselves using maps, timetables and information texts. Before leaving we had planned our route, itinerary, activities, risk assessment and letters to parents with all the relevant information. 

All the careful organisation resulted in a fabulous day, and the glorious sunny weather helped too.

We got to Dore and Totley station early, but the time passed quickly as the other trains blew their horns to say hello to us! The journey included the Totley Tunnel, the length of which amazed everyone.

We arrived at Grindleford station and began our walk up Padley Gorge looking for wildlife or at least evidence of it. We enjoyed matching natural colours to paint swatch charts!

In the Longshaw Estate we avoided the mass of wood ants and their nests and enjoyed lunch by the stream in the shade of the trees (the children too the opportunity for some jumping and tree climbing!)

Pressing on we built some habitat stacks for invertebrates and noticed the different landscapes and habitats. We were treated to the sight of deer crossing our path and a family of cows watching us closely. The children were brilliant at keeping calm and not startling the animals.

The last leg included a steep scrambling descent to back to Grindleford, where we had a little time for pond dipping in the cool river. 

Finally we returned to school via Dore and Totley, tired and hot, but full of adventure stories.

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