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Year 4 Learning Journey

P4C on food

posted by Kathryn Davis

Following on from their P4C last week on food banks, we learned a bit more about who can use them and how often. We then looked at images from Hungry Planet, of families from across the world with an average weeks worth of food in front of them and how much it costs. We ordered the images from Chad ($1.23) to Norway ($731.71). We discussed words it made us think of: unfair, food, spoilt, greedy, hungry, starved, money.

The children then chose a philosophical question in groups and we voted on our favourite one as a class:


1. Should we get the things that we want?

2. Do you think that rich people should donate to food banks?

3. Do you think that it's fair that some people get more food than others?

4. Why should people be embarrassed to go to the food bank?

5. Would the world be boring if everyone ate the same food?

6. Why do people want so much food?

7. Do you need plenty of money to buy food?

Chosen Question:

Do you think that rich people should donate to food banks?

Here are some of the children's comments:

Rich people might not want to give their money away but they should help people.

Rich people should donate, otherwise they would get greedy.

Rich people shouldn’t have to donate as they’ve worked really hard to get that money.

They should have a choice. They shouldn’t have to donate. It’s their money. They should do what they want.

Some people may have worked really hard doing difficult jobs for that money and they don’t see their family as much because they’re working. They should keep the money for themselves. 

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Food for Thought P4C - Food Banks

posted 13 Jan 2020, 07:50 by Kathryn Davis

As part of their topic on food, Y4 have been learning about food banks and having philosophical discussions about them. 
Philosophy Bear

Below are the chosen questions and some comments from the children: 

How does the food bank decide you truly need to use it?

Food banks are free. If you don’t need it, you’re just using it for free.

Some people choose to spend their money on things like clothes and going to school, rather than food.

It wouldn’t be fair if someone who could afford food was using a food bank.


Y4: Should there be a limit on the number of times you can go to a food bank in a week?

If you don’t have enough food, you could starve.

People might get greedy if there’s no limit.

If you have a bigger family, then you’ll need to go more often. It’s important to make sure you have enough food.



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Autumn 2 Learning Update

posted 20 Dec 2019, 08:56 by Richard France   [ updated 20 Dec 2019, 09:06 ]

This half term the focus in Y4 has been on our 'Amazonian Adventure', and organising the Candlelit Christmas event for the whole school community.

In the 'Amazonian Adventure' unit, children learned about the geography of South America, including some of the countries and cities.  Children developed their understanding of  where the tropics are, along with the equator, and what these areas are like climatically.  In art we thought about the work of Henri Rousseau, then used his art to create dioramas, with each layer representing a layer of the rainforest.  In English children researched creatures of the Amazon, then thought carefully about how to put their research into a page for school encyclopedias.

For the Candlelit Christmas event, we made over 100 lanterns to use and sell, and over 200 mince pies.  Children practised "Bethlehem's Buzzin'" with the help of Mr Faraday, then perforemd on what unfortunately turned out to be a cold and damp evening.  Over 400 people came to the performance, and the Y4s did an amazing job holding their nerve singing beautifully to the huge audience!

We finished the term off with marshmallow toasting, tree planting, talent shows and Christmas parties...

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