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Year 3 Learning Journey

Year 3 Celebrate Sport Relief

posted by Laura Guiton

Year 3 are supporting Sport Relief and attempting a DALEY (Tom Daley) sporting challenge every day this week.
How long can we hula hoop and skip for? 
Year 3 children should have come home with their own 'sport/health/fitness challenge' this week. Please check your child's bag if you haven't seen it yet and would like to support them with their target. 

Year 3 are also involved with the Sheffield United Community Charity supporting a 'Move and Learn' project. This week we found out about how our diet can support being healthy. We tried to think of a fruit or vegetable for very colour in the rainbow. Can you do this at home as well?

Then we played skills associated with dodgeball to get our heart racing. Year 3 loved playing this game! 

Spellings w/c 19th March

posted 16 Mar 2018, 09:10 by Nicola Evans

Spellings w/c 12th March

posted 9 Mar 2018, 08:44 by Nicola Evans

Spelling rule: ‘er’ sound spelt "er", "ar" or "ear"

World Book Day

posted 9 Mar 2018, 08:39 by Nicola Evans

Children (and staff) have all enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters today to celebrate World Book Day. It was a pleasure to welcome so many family members into our Y3 classrooms this morning to read books with the children. We also enjoyed a fantastic production of Oliver! by Y6 pupils as well as having the opportunity to pair up with Mr Goodwin's class and read together.

Have a look at the photographs below and see how many of the characters you recognise!

Learning in Y3

posted 9 Mar 2018, 08:33 by Nicola Evans

This week, we have started a brand new teaching sequence in English and we are already building up a range of skills to help us write a fictional story that is set in the Stone Age. Over the last few lessons, through a range of freeze frame drama activities, we have been focusing on punctuating direct speech correctly .

In maths, we are continuing to learn about length and measuring. We used the Cuisenaire rods to help us investigate adding together different lengths and solved a range of tricky challenges.

Another exciting activity for Y3 pupils this term is the opportunity to be involved in a project with Sheffield United Community Foundation called "Move and Learn". During these lessons children will be developing PE skills alongside learning about healthy lifestyles and nutrition.

Biz Kids Fundraising event

posted 5 Mar 2018, 06:55 by Nicola Evans

Y3 had a fantastic afternoon on Friday raising money for St Luke's hospice through their Biz Kids event. Over the past term, children have planned and publicised their event as well as designing different stalls to help raise as much money as possible. All of the pupils in KS2 had the opportunity to pop along and have a go on the different stalls which included guessing the name of the teddy, hook a duck and lots more! Thank you also to all of the parents that ventured out in the snow to support the event. The grand total is still being finalised (as some of it is in collection tubs that we cannot open..) but is around £350!




Spellings w/c 5th March

posted 5 Mar 2018, 05:09 by Nicola Evans   [ updated 5 Mar 2018, 05:09 ]

Spellings w/c 26th February

posted 26 Feb 2018, 06:37 by Nicola Evans

What a wonderful performance!

posted 15 Feb 2018, 08:32 by Nicola Evans

This afternoon children in Y3E showcased their fabulous learning in Music in a concert to parents. Since September, the class have been learning how to play the violin and they have made fantastic progress over such a short period of time. It was a pleasure to see each child perform confidently as part of a group. Well done to all of you!

Y3 at Creswell Crag

posted 14 Feb 2018, 04:52 by Laura Guiton   [ updated 6 Mar 2018, 01:07 ]

Year 3 had an amazing educational visit to Creswell Crag to support their learning with their topic 'From the Mists of Time'. 

Creswell Cragg has 26 naturally formed caves which were once home to Ice Age animals, neanderthals and humans. Year 3 had the opportunity to visit the Robin Hood Cave, the largest cave. Our guides took us on an exciting tour of this important archaeological site. Year 3s travelled back in time setting foot inside the home of ancient people and ferocious beasts. What would it have been like to live here? What would we have used to try and keep warm? Year 3 were very brave and even turned our helmet lights off to experience real cave darkness! 

Would Year 3 have survived as Stone Age people? Children worked in small groups to create their own shelter for the night. Using wood from around the area the basic structure was established. Year 3s then used animal skins and furs to provide warmth on the ground. 

Now time to hunt! Could Year 3 children spear a reindeer for our hunt. Many Year 3s had an excellent aim and really enjoyed this task! 

Now Y3s attempted to make fire...this was a tricky task!

Time for lunch. Year 3 were ravenous! We travelled forward to present time for our delicious packed lunches. 

Year 3 visited the museum at Creswell Crag. Children looked at ancient bones that had been found near to Creswell. These included hyena, mammoth and lions. As children explored the museum they were asked to find the bones of predators and prey, how many could they count?

Children had to work as paleontologists to piece together the skeletons of  animals and try to work which animal theirs might have been.  

This was a truly interesting educational visit and we all learnt lots. Well done Year 3!

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