A Great January Start!

posted 12 Jan 2018, 08:03 by Heather Wyatt
It's been a wonderful start to the spring term and the children have been busy!
In English we have started a unit about non-chronological reports, and have been immersing ourselves in knowledge and learning about Inuits. We have been researching using the computers, reading books and information texts and have watched some videos about their ways of life. The children then had to produce their own drama, in order to show their learning so far.

In maths we have been continuing our learning about division. This week we have explored the various methods we know, thinking about which ones we prefer and why. We then moved on to focussing on how to use base-ten to help us understand how to divide greater numbers.

Our Pole to Pole Topic is going to continue for another couple of weeks. This week we learnt about how different animals have adapted to live in cold environments. We then made our own Arctic or Antarctic animals using clay.
Finally, this week, we have begun some specialist dance classes on a Tuesday. Our dance theme was also "Pole to Pole"!