A jam-packed week!

posted 8 Dec 2017, 07:39 by Heather Wyatt
It has been yet another busy week of amazing learning in Y3, and the children are still working so hard! In maths we have moved from learning about multiplication onto division, and everybody has risen to the challenge and been making brilliant links with their prior learning. We have looked at grouping and sharing in order to work out a division calculation, as well as thinking about how it is the inverse of our multiplication knowledge.

In drama we were freeze-framing to show different emotions. Can you spot them?

We have been continuing our Pole to Pole topic this week, learning about the seasons in the poles, and also learning about the Northern Lights and what causes them. In English we have finished our final diary entries. Keep an eye out for them on display outside Mr. Fletcher's office, they are AMAZING!

We've been so lucky to have our Science students in again for their last teaching sessions. In Y3GW we grew some bacteria from swabs taken from different places around the room (gross!) and we learned about different micro-organisms and how some are adapted to grow better in warmer climates and others better in colder climates.