Another busy week in Year 3

posted 29 Jan 2018, 08:09 by Laura Guiton
Year 3 have been very busy this week being creative and resilient learners. As part of our topic 'Pole to Pole' children created their own collage of a Polar animal. We had a variety of animals such as penguins, seals, arctic foxes and narwhals. As part of our Science learning we have been thinking about how these animals adapt to their harsh, cold environment. Would you like to live in the Arctic?


In French, Year 3 continued to work on developing our knowledge of French sentences. We worked in groups and practised our pronunciation of these as well. Can you read the sentences?


Year 3 also had the opportunity to visit the school library and take a fiction or non-fiction book home. Many thanks to our parent volunteers who make this great opportunity possible. We love our school library!


In Maths, we continued our learning of money applying this knowledge to problems. We also had to make amounts, compare amounts and write equality statements using < = or >.


Finally, Bea and Ester (our Spanish students) told us all about Spain during our Year group assembly. We had so much fun finding out about their country!