Dore Village Trip

posted 30 Apr 2019, 01:59 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 1 May 2019, 23:45 ]
Last week, the Year 4 children took a trip around Dore village. We acted as geographers assessing the services, land use and facilities that Dore had to offer.

Even for children who knew the village very well, we all noticed new things and assessed what sort of community Dore is, its main features, how these have changed over the years and how they could change in the future.

The children made insightful observations and interpretations and sustained there curiosity (despite a lack of snacks!)

We were incredibly lucky with the weather which was awful before and after our explorations. 

We are very grateful to the parents who gave up there time to support the children.

We are now using our detailed knowledge to compare Dore to a settlement:  Margate in Kent.