Enjoying our Pole to Pole learning

posted 19 Jan 2018, 08:19 by Nicola Evans
It has been another snowy week and Y3 have been continuing to learn all about the Arctic and the Inuit... 

The children displayed all of our school values fantastically through designing and making their own mini Inuit sledges. They were only given 10 lollipop sticks so had to be very creative and resourceful to develop their designs. It was also rather tricky as parts kept falling off so the children had to show lots of resilience as they continued repairing their creations and improving their designs. Some children added extra comfort such as pillows whilst other children prioritised reducing friction to increase the speed. 

The children also demonstrated creativity when painting their clay Arctic animal models. Last week, the children spent time sculpting their animals and this week they have carefully painted them, adding lots of intricate detail. 

In maths, Y3 have been learning how to round numbers in order to estimate their answers and increase accuracy. The photographs below show the children generating their own numbers and rounding them to the nearest multiples of 100.