Learning in Year 3

posted 4 Dec 2017, 01:30 by Laura Guiton
Year 3 have been busy bees this week!

In RE we found out about the significance of the Mezuzah to Jewish people. We thought about our own special prayer or Shema which may go inside. Do you like our Mezuzah designs?

Continuing our Pole to Pole Topic, we thought about the climate in the Arctic and how it differs to our Seasons. We discovered how the Earth's tilt affects the seasons and using TASC presented our findings in a range of different ways. These included posters, models and booklets.


In English we thought about Fronted Adverbials, which we find at the start of a sentence. For example: 'After a while', 'In the distance' and 'Suddenly'. We used them in our diary writing about Scott and his exploration of Antarctica.


We have also had a special visit from some Undergraduate Science students who have taught us about animals and how they adapt to their environment. We felt like real Scientists using the microscopes to find out how germs spread.