One more week to go!

posted 13 Jul 2018, 08:10 by Heather Wyatt
Despite term almost being at an end, the children have been so resilient and are all still trying hard with their learning. We've had a wonderful week as mathematicians, getting very practical and learning all about capacity. The children have completed a range of learning tasks, many of which involved getting slightly damp feet!

The children have also been collaborating a lot this week on different challenges. Here you can see they were working together in order to solve some maths puzzles involving race times and distances.

As creative learners the children have also been developing their dance and singing skills this week. Each group created, rehearsed and performed their own versions of the Photosynthesis song. See if your child can remember all the words!

We have also been learning all about the artist Gustav Klimpt, and as artists have re-created our own versions of his Tree of Life piece. The children experimented with different techniques and textures, including using some quilling skills to create the spirals.