One World Week

posted 25 Oct 2017, 08:16 by Heather Wyatt
It's almost half term, but you wouldn't know it in Y3! The children have been so dedicated to their learning and showing some real resilience with some tricky maths challenges this week!
Last week we celebrated One World Week, where we learned all about our class countries, Italy and China. A huge well done to the children for their learning at home, which contributed to some fantastic pieces of work! The children also honed their sketching skills, using different techniques for shading, and then used the water colours to create some still-life pictures of fruit.

Each class also braved some cooking in the D&T studio. Italy made spaghetti pomodoro and China made some stir-fried noodles. We have based our English work on our delicious cooking, describing the foods we used and creating an advert to persuade people to eat our mouth-watering cuisines. See if you can think of some of the features of persuasive writing that we used (including catchy slogans; alliteration and rhyme; exciting adjectives; imperative verbs. . . the list goes on!)