The Battle of Dore and the mystery of Sutton Hoo

posted 30 Mar 2019, 23:25 by Richard Hanks
After the History Van visit, the children in Year 4 have continued to find about about the Anglo Saxon History of Dore.

We visited King's Croft and the village green to recreate the submission of King Eanred to King Ecgbert, at which point he became: "overlord of all England".

We used this understanding to write reports about King Ecgbert and Dore to tell them about this lesser-known ruler.

We sent our finished reports to volunteers at Sutton Hoo, a much more famous, Anglo Saxon site. We have used a video link to collaborate with the National Trust staff and volunteers at Sutton Hoo to learn about the fabulous artefacts that were discovered there.

The Year 4s have really enjoyed the Anglo Saxon topic especially getting to know Dore's significance. Next term we will think about whether everyone should know more about Dore!