Week 4

posted 28 Sep 2017, 08:49 by Heather Wyatt
Year three have been working hard this week, honing their reasoning skills in maths, and also practising their estimating. We went out onto the playground on Wednesday and had to work in teams to create a 0-1000 numberline, with all of the multiples of 10 and 100 labelled in the correct places.

In English this week we finished off our immersion with some freeze-frame drama work - trying to empathise with how Jessica Ennis-Hill might have been feeling when she won her medals.
We then analysed a biography and identified the features (pronouns, key events, written in the 3rd person, dates, time conjunctions and written in the past tense). On Thursday we learnt all about the present perfect tense (describing something that has happened in the past but is still true - eg. Jessica has retired from competing in the Olympics.) We all had to interview our classmates, to find out who had experienced certain things. We then created sentences using the present perfect tense.

We have also been learning some French and played 'Jacque a dit . . .' (do you know what that translates to?)