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Year 5 Learning Journey

Flapping Fish, Festive Frolics and Fun!!

posted 17 Dec 2019, 08:12 by Sian Granville

This afternoon saw the long-awaited Y5 Christmas party and a chance to put on some party clothes, socialise with friends and enjoy the end  of the year. We started with each child being allocated a farmyard animal or pet and then finding the rest of their team when they were only allowed to make the noise of their animal to find their pack, herd or flock. Then it was time to hunt pieces of string and work as a team to tie them together into the longest to see who won before using the string to make festive pictures, which required good team work and even better knotting skills! Next came Flap The Fish, you'll have to ask a Y5 to explain or better yet, demonstrate... 

More games followed then it was time for the Y5s to sit down with friends and pass the rest of the afternoon eating their party food. The tables looked lovely, people had been careful to provide food which met people's dietary requirements and groups who'd forgotten their cups were quickly provided with some from other tables - what a fabulous end to the term! 

The Y5 Team would like to take this opportunity to thank every parent, carer and family member who has supported us this term and we wish you all a very happy, restful and enjoyable Christmas holiday


posted 29 Nov 2019, 05:06 by Nicola Evans


posted 22 Nov 2019, 04:27 by Nicola Evans

Children in Need 2019

posted 15 Nov 2019, 04:05 by Nicola Evans

We’ve had a brilliant morning fundraising for Children in Need. We were all very impressed with the creativity and resourcefulness shown by the children with their stall designs.

We also enjoyed a Children in Need maths code breaker lesson where we solved the calculations to unlock Pudsey’s code.


posted 15 Nov 2019, 01:06 by Nicola Evans

Lest We Forget

posted 11 Nov 2019, 10:06 by Sian Granville

This week, in Y5, we learnt about the two World Wars and why we use poppies to commemorate those affected by conflict. The children worked hard to sew their felt poppies, learning new skills in the process like using a pattern, blanket stitch and attaching a button and were rightfully proud of what they had made. 







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posted 24 Oct 2019, 08:32 by Nicola Evans

Plastic fantastic?

posted 21 Oct 2019, 06:55 by Nicola Evans

We've had a brilliant start to year 5 learning all about plastic through our "Plastic fantastic?" topic. 

We began studying the properties of plastic as scientists and considered why plastic is such a popular choice of material. We reflected on how it has so many useful properties, such as being waterproof, and ordered the processes involved with creating this material. Investigating over time, we have started an experiment to observe how different materials decompose over a long time period. So far we have observed changes to the bread, carrot, paper and metal, but the plastic remains unchanged.

As mathematicians, we have been developing confidence with the place value of numbers up to 1,000,000 and this has included rounding populations of different countries, recognising negative numbers and comparing numbers. We have also been adding and subtracting using a range of mental and written methods, focusing on developing our reasoning and problem solving skills.

As a class, we collected a week's worth of plastic waste and calculated the area and perimeter of these objects. We multiplied these amounts to understand the impact of our plastic waste and how much can end up in landfills in such a short period of time.

Further investigation led us to ask the question "is it cheaper to buy fruit and vegetables that are loose or plastic wrapped from supermarkets?" We used an online supermarket to compare the prices and we shocked to find that plastic wrapped items were cheaper than buying items with no packaging. Reflecting on the impact this has for the consumer, we debated the use of plastic packaging exploring both sides of the argument. 

Developing our skills as artists, we were inspired by the artist Mondrian who used bold colours and perpendicular lines to create his artwork. One child even realised that they had Mondrian artwork in their home but had never known the artist! We painted neatly and outlined each section. Continuing to be inspired, we created a whole class plastic piece of artwork and also collected natural resources to make artwork in the same style outdoors. 

A highlight of the half term was One World Week where each class focused on learning more about their class country and developing their skills as geographers. Y5E learnt steps for an Austrian waltz, used the boomwhackers to play Strauss's "the Blue Danube" and used ipads to research how Austria are contributing to reducing plastic usage worldwide. Y5G completed a TASC activity where we planned, created and evaluated posters all about France. We combined our own experiences of France with research online to produce excellent, detailed posters. 

Our French language learning across both classes has also been enjoyable and good progress is being made. We played memory games and sang songs to learn different clothing items. We are confident with naming different French sports and saying which sports we prefer and why.  

In PE, we have been displaying our school values of resilience and kindness well. We have enjoyed developing basket ball skills over the half term and then applying these skills and tactics to basketball games. We've also studied a range of dance genres and shown creativity with dance compositions that have been created in small groups. 


posted 18 Oct 2019, 00:27 by Nicola Evans

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