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Year 5 Learning Journey

Family Learning Projects for Spring Bank Holiday

posted 22 May 2020, 07:44 by Sophie Leeland

English – kindly designed by Mr Hanks and Miss Bradley

The project is centred around a Teddy Bear’s Picnic – young or old we all enjoy a picnic and who hasn’t got a bear to enjoy this with. During the summer term we were due to have ‘Craig Bradley’ a poet working with us and he has also supported school with a short film video in my Google Drive it might inspire you with any writing that follows the picnic.

Design Technology – kindly designed by Mr Patterson

For those families who are looking for ways in which we can make our lives easier – why not set your child off on the Rube Goldberg Machine – you’ll find out all about this in the Family Project.

This information has been emailed out to you and can also be found attached below:

Work, work, wonderful work!

posted 22 May 2020, 07:31 by Sophie Leeland   [ updated 22 May 2020, 07:36 ]

This week I have been sent lots of the fantastic poems that you completed last week. Additionally I've started to get through your work on inspirational people. We've had such a range of people so far from bloggers, to artists to natural historians. Have a look at all of the fantastic attachments below!

Also this week you all received an email from the lovely Mrs Fielding. I loved hearing all about what she has been up to, why not send her a reply and let her know what you've been doing - I know a few of you have already :)

Have a lovely week off everyone!
B's family went on holiday this week - kind of! It looks like amazing fun. How creative!
Have you made your pom pom yet like H has?
Look at the amazing creations above. Posters, poems and trainer designs!
How talented is Mrs Fielding?! She has been doing lots of arts and crafts -my favourite is the drawing of the giraffe :) 

Have a look at the files attached below!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here are more poems, Just for you!!

posted 19 May 2020, 08:54 by Sian Granville   [ updated 21 May 2020, 02:59 ]

More work has come my way today, you have been really inspired by the poetry lessons and I have loved seeing them! Well done AH, DH, IC and OC whose poems are below. 

D (you won't be surprised to see) has written about playing football and how it makes him feel. I think the repetition of the first line in each verse is very effective - well done D! And as I said in my email to you, good to see you have moved on from Terrorising Your Sister.... ;)

AH has turned her eye to this weird 'new normal' in which we find ourselves. The final verse reminds us that we are still connected, that this will pass and she encourages us to all hope that we're nearly there. I think a lot of us grown ups could do with taking a moment to read your poem A. Well up to your usual standard :)

O has researched the issue of plastic in our environment and used his poem to tell the history of its use and its effect on the wildlife - really thought-provoking O, well done. I am interested to see that you went back to our learning in the autumn for your inspiration.  

I has written about a place she loves, the stables, and has imagined what it must be like somewhere which is normally full of hustle and bustle but now much quieter - a little bit like our school! We know how much I loves her horse riding and I am sure, like lots of us, she is really looking forward to getting back to normal. Until then, what a great idea to let our minds take us where we can't go quite yet. Thanks for that, I!

More news from Y5G - brilliant balancing, babies and bees!

posted 18 May 2020, 06:33 by Sian Granville

I have LOVED seeing the pictures and reading the emails which you have sent in this week. As we keep saying, a balance of lots of things is SO important at any time but especially now so it's fantastic to see how maturely you are managing that. Here are some pictures and an update on your friends and their lives as well as a challenge to anyone in Y5 who an play an instrument (and a tambourine is an instrument!) so read on and find out more....

As we know FT has a new sister and is, as you would expect, making a brilliant job with his brother of looking after baby sister as well as helping out with the chores. What a pair of stars and great role models for their sister as she gets older. F has also got some bees to look after, Mason bees, and as one of the Y5 summer science topics is flowering plants, which involves looking at pollinating insects, F will be an expert! All that as well as keeping up with guitar practice and some school work - although I know F is keeping a sensible approach to how much is possible with a baby sister and baby bees to look after!


MC has been in touch to say he is filling his day with football, cricket and basketball as well as Minecraft and Roblox with his friends. I also have a clip of him performing Space Oddity as part of his Apollo work which I hope will be available below! There is also a poem uploaded below for you to enjoy. He is doing lots of sport, football, cricket and basketball as well as playing online with his friends - again a really sensible approach to keeping everything in balance.

JS has emailed me with pictures of his work as well, have a look below. I particularly enjoyed his Tube map - I never expected to be on the same piece of work as Geraint Thomas (one of my heroes) and Captain Underpants (one of my son's heroes). Better not ask J which of us he likes the best..... Some poetry and art work as well, good work J!


KS has also been busy, her animal story and Apollo work are below so scroll down and have a read. I haven't loaded them as pictures because I know that sometimes makes it difficult to increase the size so you can read the work and you DEFINITELY want to read K's work. K has also been working on her new keyboard - we know she is musical so I am sure she is relishing the challenge of a new instrument to master. I have seen quite a few of you are making time for your music so I was wondering whether all our musicians might learn a piece of music or a song and we can see if there is a way to do a joint performance or to play when we are all back together? Send me your thoughts, remembering I am not the world's most technical person but fortunately I know Mr Percy, which is the next best thing :)

Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 18th May

posted 15 May 2020, 05:54 by Sophie Leeland   [ updated 15 May 2020, 09:20 ]

Here is this week's set of activities for you all to build into your plans. We’ve had so much brilliant work sent in to us this week – keep it coming J Remember to balance your school work with exercise, downtime and other things that you enjoy.

Maths White Rose activities. The worksheets and answers are below. Please note that there are only 4 lessons again. On day 5 you could go on Times Tables Rockstars. 

English Watch Miss Leeland's video where she explains what you'll be doing in English this week.  (Unfortunately, due to new restrictions, we will no longer be able to leave wool and extra books on the school drive). 

Reading There is a range of activities from First News as well as the copy of this week's edition if you fancy reading it!

 PE Have a look at the new PE recommendations - there are some good new ideas on there.

Family Project Ramadan and EID family project. Below are the links for colouring Eid cards and colouring sheets: 


Don’t forget….

Photo collage in school - see the email from Mr France

Send a photo doing your favourite activity or piece of learning over the last few weeks, so that we can create photo collages for each year group as part of the display. Email a full resolution picture, initialled and named as ‘display’ (e.g. SLdisplay), to

Pom Pom Rainbow Challenge

Add a pom pom to our fence.

(Unfortunately, due to new restrictions, we will no longer be able to leave wool and extra books on the school drive). 


Poems, art, collaborative learning and Thornbridge activities

posted 15 May 2020, 05:50 by Sophie Leeland

I have included the full picture of AF's poem so that you can appreciate how beautiful it looks. AF then sent in a picture of each stanza so that we can read what it says. It is a brilliant poem: I love the repetition and the rhyming pattern. Well done AF. 

JMT's poem, 'Life in Lockdown', is so relevant to our current life. My favourite part of this poem is:
"Back home now to my new school, 
Working at home is kinda cool." 
Learning at home is starting to become more familiar for you all now I bet. I'm glad you're getting on well JMT. Wonderful poem. 
This week I caught up with NJ who has been doing some amazing artwork. I love the detail in this picture. What title would you give this painting?  Well done N. 
Boys I'm so proud of you all. What a fabulous idea. 
Some of the boys in Y5L decided to do their learning together this week. They took it in turns to read a poem and answered the comprehension questions. If you have the opportunity to work with a peer, even if it's over zoom, I think this is a great idea. It's always nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other just like we would in the classroom. 
Who can you spot on the zoom call?

Did you do any of the Thornbridge activities this week?
Have a look at the attachment below to see JD's mini den project. I particularly liked his flying course.

Fun French facts and fabulous Maths!

posted 14 May 2020, 07:46 by Sian Granville   [ updated 15 May 2020, 07:04 ]

Well done EB who has continued to work hard at her school work but has also found time to do some research about France, which is our class country. I would have focused on the croissants, cheese and ponies (!) but E is much more focused than I am although I am sure her Harry Styles project is also getting plenty of attention...... (You'll have to ask E when we're back in school!)

Breaking News..... E has sent in this week's poem which I have added underneath the photos - vivid imagery, rhyme and a positive message for the future, great work E! I think we can all benefit from taking a minute or two to think about a time when this will all be in the past. And like all bad things, it will pass.  


Another busy week

posted 13 May 2020, 06:54 by Sophie Leeland   [ updated 13 May 2020, 06:57 ]

Making bunting and posters to celebrate VE Day. 

L and B are continuing to take part in daily exercise and also complete some wonderful work. 
What has the week looked like for you? This is what H has been up to - Area and perimeter work, comprehension questions, making a pompom, sunbathing and well-deserved bacon sandwiches on Blackamoor.

W has used ideas from the timetable and made his own newspaper report on something that he is really interested in. Both W and his brother have been studying Pompeii. They went there on holiday last year and were really interested in finding out more - look at what they have made!
A and R, as well as many others of you, have taken part in the trainer project. Look at these fantastic colourful designs. A designed her trainer for her cousin. She showed it to her at the weekend and got excellent feedback - brilliant designing. 
Have a look at the 'MOVIE.MP4' that is attached below - this shows AF taking part in the trainer project. :)

Attached is also work from EK and LT.
EK completed Monday's work by writing a letter to Tom Roberts, responding to his poem.
The Todd Times newspaper report is attached - have a read and admire the wonderful presentation. 

What have a tortoise, cookies, a rowing machine. some decorated Easter eggs and lots of eggselent (!) school work got in common?

posted 11 May 2020, 05:14 by Sian Granville

News from JS in Y5G who has been busy and here are the photos to prove it! He has spotted a tortoise on one of his walks around the village as well as lots of other animals too. Can anyone out there beat seeing a tortoise? Let me know! He has also done an Easter egg hunt, eaten his chocolate Easter eggs and baked some cookies - so another competitor for the Great Y5 Bake Off when we return. He is a fan of Joe Wicks and as you can see rowing in his garden, getting fit and a tan: multi-tasking that's what we like to see. J has also kept up with his school work, neatly presented, well done J. His lovely chatty letter has really brightened my Monday so get in touch with your news and I will share it on here. 

Working At Home week beginning 11th May

posted 7 May 2020, 04:49 by Sian Granville   [ updated 7 May 2020, 06:18 by Sophie Leeland ]

Here is this week's set of activities for you all to build into your plans, remembering to keep that balance between school work, exercise, downtime and things you enjoy!

We did not use White Rose last week but we are back with them this week - there are only four lessons on their website so the worksheets and answers are below.

Watch Miss Leeland's video where she explains what you'll be doing in English this week.

Week 2 of poetry. By the end of this week you will have created your very own poem which you can perform to someone at home (or over a video call if you fancy it).

There is a range of activities from First News as well as the copy of this week's edition if you fancy reading it!

Family Project
Mrs Gill has prepared an activity for you so have a look and try the activities together.

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