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Year 4/5 Learning Journey

LIST 11   Test 1st December 2017














Words with the ‘s’ sound spelt  sc








 Words with the long ‘a’. sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey.


A preposition is a word like at, over, by and with. It is usually followed by a noun or noun phrase. In the examples, the preposition is underlined:

We got home at midnight.

Did you come here by car?

Are you coming with me?

They jumped over a fence.

What’s the name of this street?

I fell asleep during the film.

Prepositions often indicate time (at midnight/during the film/on Friday), position (at the station/in a field) or direction (to the station/over a fence).

Spellings Week 12

posted 30 Nov 2017, 01:26 by Liam Hall

Spellings Week 9

posted 13 Nov 2017, 07:39 by Liam Hall

Fantastic Voyage - Y4/5s Blast Off!

posted 11 Nov 2017, 04:50 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 11 Nov 2017, 04:56 ]

The topic for Year 4/5's this half-term is called Fantastic Voyage and we have been blasting off to explore the Solar System!

Mission Control for Apollo 13

In English we will be learning how to write effective news reports. We will be reporting on the events of the Apollo 13 mission (if you know what happens, don't spoil it for the others!)

We started by taking on the roles of personnel at Mission Control: Communication technicians, Doctors, Spacesuit Designers and Spacecraft Engineers. In these roles, we developed the technical vocabulary we would need to describe the mission and experienced the nervousness an excitement of a rocket launch!

Managing the launch of Apollo 13

Now the astronauts have left Earth successfully, we need to support them on their mission

Solar System Voyage

Using the latest technology our cadet astronauts were able to take a fantastic voyage around the solar system, making a map as they went.

Turbulence as we left the Earth's atmosphere.

Experiencing a lack of gravity, luckily our space pens worked in low gravity conditions.

Scale model of the Solar System

Children worked in TASC groups to produce an accurate scale model of the Solar system. A basketball with a diameter of 20cm was our sun. The planets were a lot smaller than we expected!

Using our models and basketball sun we carefully measured the distances between planets in the solar system.

Once the planets were in place, we could really appreciate how much space there is between them!

The furthest planets ended up across the playground and down the corridor!

Year 5 Hotshot Basketball Champions

posted 7 Nov 2017, 06:37 by Richard Hanks

Last year Mr Smith started coaching a group of Y4s they competed in the Y4 Hotshots Basketball competition and didn't win many games! The team stuck with it, kept practicing, worked together, got family to help and generally showed enormous resilience and commitment. Their dedication has paid of because Mr Hanks and Mr Smith are thrilled to report they are now:

Hotshot Champions!

They won out against all the other teams in the competition, getting better and better throughout. Thanks to all those who have supported the team and well done guys!

Year 4s are recruiting for a new team now!

Week 8, Week Commencing 26/10/17

posted 26 Oct 2017, 00:15 by Liam Hall

Spellings Week 7, Week Commencing 23/10/17

posted 20 Oct 2017, 00:28 by Liam Hall

Seconds of soup!

posted 16 Oct 2017, 12:30 by Sian Granville

Today Y4/5 G went back into the kitchen to work on their improved recipes. With changes and tweaks, the children worked hard to make changes after they had reflected on their first recipes. Using their skills in chopping, peeling and dicing as well as the essential teamwork, they made five very different soups and enjoyed trying each other's new versions.
As always the children and I are hugely grateful to all the adults who came to support the children and worked so hard to help them - it is often said but always true that we cannot easily run activities like this without your help!


Spellings Week 6, Week commencing 13/10/17

posted 13 Oct 2017, 00:19 by Liam Hall

Y4/5 Incredible Soup!

posted 11 Oct 2017, 04:21 by Richard Hanks

Over the last week each Y4/5 class has made soup following recipes that have been carefully written in English lessons.

The children really developed their understanding of what makes for good instructions and also improved their food technology skills: chopping, measuring, cooking and serving.

It was a fantastic set of sessions with children working excellently in small groups. All of the soups were edible! And most were very tasty! But all of the recipes were improved upon during and after the cooking process, which was the point of the exercise.

A big thanks must go to all of the parent helpers who supported the children to get the most of of this opportunity.

Spellings Week 5, Week Commencing 8/10/18

posted 6 Oct 2017, 04:01 by Liam Hall

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