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Year 5 Learning Journey

To egg-finity and beyond!

posted 16 Oct 2020, 07:56 by Sian Granville

Y5s are focused on Space this half term and have taken their learning outdoors. We have recreated our solar system when each group was given a planet to research then using string had to recreate the diameter and place their planet accurately in relation to the Sun. As always, the distances and measurements in space are astonishing but these activities have really helped our understanding.

There was also the eggstraunaut challenge when, in groups, the children had a limited budget of Moon Tokens and a specific range of materials and resources to use in order to create a module which would safely and accurately return their eggstraunaut to Earth (school yard). Needless to say, much fun was had, some eggstraunauts didn't make it out of the classroom but all the modules were launched (thank you Mr Abbott) and most landed on target however the survival rate was about 50:50...


Rights and Class Charters

posted 16 Oct 2020, 07:27 by Sian Granville

It's that time of the year again when we discuss in Y5 the rights we all have and how we can best exercise them. We looked at some of the Rights listed in the UN Rights of the Child document and decided in our groups which we felt were the most important to us. Then we considered how we might reflect those in our Class Charter. Each year it's often the same rights the class decides is a priority but interestingly this year Y5G wanted to include the right to play and rest as one of our rights, a reflection of the importance both these play in our mental health. 

Y5 also looked at how the Houses of Parliament are organised, how MPs are elected, how laws are passed and who sits in the House of Lords. We recreated both Houses and you can see that we had a debate between the government and the opposition - I have to say, my class was much more polite with each other than the real MPs so I have high hopes should one of them decide to follow a political career! 



Autumn 1 - Week 7

posted 16 Oct 2020, 05:06 by Douglas Paterson

As we approach the half term holidays, Y5 's learning has been reaching a climax, with several major projects being completed.


The children have started to write their "Planet Unknown" sci-fi adventure stories. They have built on the space knowledge that they have gained over the past weeks as well as the grammar and description skills learnt through the video literacy lessons. We have many many excellent first drafts, ready for editing next week. Some great examples are below:


The classes have carried on their statistics learning and have been solving problems involving line graphs, as well as drawing their own. They have dealt with a variety of data sources and have had to interpret graphs in a variety forms.


It's been an egg-citing week in Y5 for our budding engineers, developing their design and technology skills. Stay tuned for a separate post, detailing the children's learning in more detail. It will be a cracking read: really egg-cellent.


See attached spellings for next week - test to be taken on Thursday.

Autumn1 - Week 6

posted 11 Oct 2020, 09:24 by Douglas Paterson


This week, the Y5s have been continuing to use their inference skills to identify details of the characters in our video "Planet Unknown". They have used their inferences to write paragraphs detailing the actions and personalities of the rovers and have been working on including relative clauses, parenthesis and fronted adverbials in their writing.


The children have been using their learning in relation to handling data and statistics to interpret graphs and tables, including using timetables. They have also learnt about Venn diagrams and how to use these to sort discrete data.


Y5's space mission continued this week, with the children considering the problem of how to return their crew to Earth by re-entering the atmosphere. The children considered the forces of gravity and air resistance that would be at work on their "capsules" and how best to design a vehicle to transport the crew safely home. As school budgets are currently unable to stretch to a full-scale crewed space program, the children will instead focus on designing and building a capsule to transport an "Eggstronaut" on a journey out of the Y5 windows and onto the concrete below. Check in next week to see the cracking results of our tests!

Spellings - see attached file for this week's spellings.

Autumn 1 - Week 5

posted 2 Oct 2020, 07:47 by Douglas Paterson


This week, we have started our new writing project: Unknown Planet. The children have been developing their video literacy by inferring details about the robot characters in this gripping short film. They have learned about using description of non-verbal actions to convey how the characters are feeling and have been using drama to show this, as well as writing conversations between the characters.


In maths, we have been developing or subtraction skills and working on demonstrating calculations a a variety of ways, such as models and pictures. The children have brought their learning together to solve more complex problems before we move on to a brand new topic next week!


The classes have continued their journey round our solar system this week, learning about the movement of the Moon and why we see it differently in the sky each night. The children have learnt to describe the science behind this phenomenon, as well as the names and order of the different phases of the Moon.

They have also learned how the movement of the Earth around the sun causes us to have different seasons and have presented their learning to the rest of the class, using models and diagrams to explain the scientific principles involved.


Y5 have also moved up a gear with their coding skills: learning to guide their planetary rovers through more complex routes, as well as adding a touch sensor so that it knows to stop when it reaches an obstacle. Some groups went one step further, programming their rovers to scream and run away!


Y5 are continuing their learning about our new sport for the half-term: Lacrosse. They have learnt the key skills of: picking up the ball, passing, receiving and shooting, and have been combining these to take part in drills that mimic real game situations.

Spellings - See below for next week's spellings.

Travelling through space without leaving Dore!

posted 1 Oct 2020, 00:52 by Sian Granville   [ updated 13 Oct 2020, 04:40 ]

An amazingly kind parent donated his morning to Y5 last week and brought in his planetarium, from Wonderdome Mobile Planetarium ( to help us with our Space topic. It was a fascinating morning and I was amazed and so proud of the knowledge all the children brought to the morning and the intelligent questions they asked. The sessions really brought the subject to life, we learnt more about the International Space Station, the planets and what the chances of there being another life form out there somewhere are! So, if you want to know more about the amazing universe in which we live, ask a Y5!


Autumn 1 - Week 4

posted 25 Sep 2020, 07:47 by Douglas Paterson

Even with the autumn weather rolling in, Y5 have kept their sunny attitudes this week and have worked hard at their learning!


We have been developing our addition and subtraction skills this week: working on solving more complex problems and conducting reasoning activities. Some members of Y5 have constructed some tricky maths games. Can you solve these?


Y5 have finished publishing their Dr Xargle guides and, as the finishing touch, have come up with some attention grabbing front covers for their books. All of the year group should be very proud of the effort they have put into this writing project - well done!


The children have expanded their space knowledge even further this week, teaming up in groups of two or three to plan a space mission to another world. We have learnt about the different planets of the solar system and the teams have sent their probes to investigate their mission's destination. They have also been learning about the history of human space travel and what a spacecraft needs to safely transport a crew into deep space before designing a spacecraft of their own.

The children had an amazing experience on Thursday when one Y5 parent kindly donated his time to set up a planetarium in the hall, allowing the children a glimpse of far off galaxies and all the wonders of the solar system. A massive thanks from Y5!


See below for next week's spellings.

Autumn 1 - Week 3

posted 18 Sep 2020, 08:14 by Douglas Paterson

Another great week in Y5. The classes have continued to work hard at their learning and we've had some great lessons.


The Children have continued their learning about place value, including working on their rounding skills as well as decoding the mysterious world of Roman Numerals!


Y5 have continued their writing project: creating a children's book all about life at school, written from the point of view of an alien teacher. Can you guess what bits of the day these Y5 aliens have written about?

The children have not edited these yet, so spelling mistakes can be forgiven (in this case!)


The children have continued their learning about our solar system and have been out on the field building planets. These have been measured to be a proportionate size and distance from the "Sun". The children have also used items found on the yard to make their planets the correct colour.

The Y5s have been programming their planetary rovers to seek out new scientific discoveries in the classrooms. This week, we have been working on coding instructions for movement: making sure that the robot can follow a designated route and not crash into a crater.



Please see the below sheet for this week's spellings.

Autumn 1 - Week 1 and 2

posted 11 Sep 2020, 07:57 by Douglas Paterson   [ updated 12 Sep 2020, 02:24 ]

It's been an exciting week and a bit for our new Y5 classes. They have settled back in really well and have been working hard at their learning as well as catching up for lost time on the playground!


We have got off to a great start with our learning on number an place value. The children have been identifying, ordering and rounding numbers up to five figures and have solved a variety of problems to practise these skills and extend their learning.


We have begun our out-of-this-world literacy learning by reading and analysing "Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlets": an intriguing picture book written by an alien professor studying a strange creature: human children. We have improved our ability to write multi-clause sentences and to use conjunctions to link clauses effectively, showing time, location and cause.

Topic: Science, Art, Computing, Design and Technology.

The Y5s have been setting off on their "Fantastic Voyage": studying our solar system and the history and science of space travel. We have created some astronaut self portraits, improving our sketching technique and our ability to draw in proportion.


We have also begun our interplanetary journey by building space probes to send out into the outer reaches of the Solar System.

We have started learning about planetary rovers ready to start coding and constructing rovers of our own using the Lego EV3 robotics sets, as well as learning about Aristotle's crazy theory that the Earth is round!


Our first week of spellings have been sent home this week and we will be testing the children next Friday. A copy of the spelling sheet is below and will go on the website each week. We remind children to always spend time on the grammar and punctuation learning each week, as this will be part of the test.

Have a fantastic summer!

posted 17 Jul 2020, 06:55 by Sophie Leeland   [ updated 17 Jul 2020, 06:56 ]

It's been a different end to the year than we might have expected. Despite this, we have loved reading the messages and emails from children at home, chatting via Zoom and seeing the children who are in school. Stay safe, you're all very precious and we want you all back safe and sound for September. Love and best wishes to all our Y5 families from the Y5 Team.

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