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Year 5 Learning Journey

Home Learning - Week Beginning 23rd March

posted 26 Mar 2020, 12:47 by Sophie Leeland

Ben and Dexter have been busy this week. They've been exercising with Joe Wicks every morning, getting on with their SPAG and taking in some fresh air :) Keep up the good work guys.
Zach and Arthur have been very creative - they made bird feeders out of empty bottles and wooden spoons. In addition to this, they worked on Google Earth together finding famous landmarks, dissected a black bean to find an embryo and exercised with Joe Wicks. 
Wow Tom! He has been investigating maps and contour lines.
Thomas has been working on 'The Lego Challenge'. The picture shows him completing Day 1 - he has created an amusement park ride. 

We loved looking at everything that you've been up to this week. You've been so creative, resourceful and resilient - we're so proud of you all. Keep the pictures coming guys.
Miss Leeland and Mrs Granville. 

Easter Holidays

posted 26 Mar 2020, 11:10 by Sarah Drazek   [ updated 26 Mar 2020, 11:10 ]

Hello everyone,

As we know, next week marks the start of the Easter Holidays (but not as we have ever known them before).  We appreciate that some of you will be finding your own ways of keeping your families happy and healthy and that others will appreciate a little more structure and guidance. With that in mind, we are providing some ideas for learning for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays. The whole school community (whether at home or in school) will have the same theme; by doing this we will be able to share and celebrate some of your creative endeavours on our new school Face Book page (Dore Primary Community Page- you will have received an email invite). Please, do not at all feel pressured in any way to see this as a check list or a requirement (no one is checking!). At this moment in time the best thing to do is whatever is best for your family.

 Easter Holidays Week 1     –    The Wind in the Willows (see A4 page)

-      Create a ‘Sunshine’ to display in your windows

 Easter Holidays Week 2    –    The Time we spring cleaned the world (see A4 page)

-      Create an ‘Easter’ picture to display in your windows

 Just a reminder of other key recommendations:

 Watch this space….. Mr Percy has some ideas to write/ produce a song.

Year 5-Learning At Home

posted 20 Mar 2020, 03:42 by Enquiries Email   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 03:50 ]

The work we are putting onto the school website can be found if you scroll to the bottom of the other Y5 section. There you will find the suggested  timetable of work but please feel free to do as much or as little as your individual circumstances allow. Where answers are provided, we would encourage the children to mark their own work and to see if they are able to identify where they might have gone wrong, if appropriate. 

The Y5 Team would like to send its very best wishes to everyone at this extremely difficult time and hope what we are able to provide can help a little.  

Y5 -Home Learning Timetable - Week 1

posted 20 Mar 2020, 00:55 by Sian Granville   [ updated 20 Mar 2020, 03:44 by Enquiries Email ]

Suggested Reading List for Y5 Pupils

posted 18 Mar 2020, 09:38 by Sophie Leeland

During parents' evening, many parents asked what type of books Y5 children should be reading. Here are two resources that you can use to have a look at the suggested reading material for Y5 students. 

Happy reading :)

A REALLY busy week in Y5!

posted 6 Mar 2020, 09:03 by Sian Granville

This week we have been even busier than usual with a huge range of activities and things going on! It started with our year group walk on Wednesday which marked the beginning of our Topic called Out and About, which focuses on our geographical skills, map reading, recognising human and physical geography as well as the ways in which land is used locally. We used the map to help us to work out where we were, orientating ourselves by looking carefully at the features we could see and matching them with what the map was showing us. In English, we have also just started a piece of writing in which an animal moves around the local landscape over the period of three days so we used the opportunity of being out to see for ourselves what the terrain was like, to imagine where our animal might hide, sleep, hunt and what strategies it might need to use if it found a barrier such as a stream or road. 
Scroll down to find out what else we have been up to....


This morning saw the final part of our Biz Kidz project when the team of Y5s went to St Luke's to represent school,  explain why we decided to run a film night and what the processes which went into making it successful were. They covered everything from how the idea of a film night was chosen, through to the year group's market research into the film to show, the food to offer and the logistics of running a successful event. Questioned by some St Luke's staff, they also showed they were completely on top of their material and gave great answers, demonstrating why they were chosen for the team. With the team were Josh and Joe whom the whole year group selected as their 'Biz Kidz' heroes for their quick-thinking when the DVD stopped working in the middle of the film! 123 children in onesies were VERY grateful (as were the adults!!) that Josh and Joe's problem-solving saved the day!!


Then, to round off a fabulous week in Y5, there was also the culmination of the Writing Project we have been running  since we came back after Christmas. Every child was given complete freedom of choice in their topic, so they could research and then write about something which interested them. Subjects ranged from the history of Liverpool Football Club, to NASA, Anna Pavlova, wrestling and the planets. Doing all the research at home, each Friday afternoon they were given an hour to plan, draft and edit their work into a coherent piece of work which then would be read by parents, family and classmates. This afternoon, projects proudly on display, the children welcomed over 60 visitors who were keen to read and talk through their projects! In both classes, every visitor could be heard commenting on the quality of the writing as well as the huge amounts of thought and care which all the children had shown in presenting their work. A HUGE thank you to all the parents, family and friends who supported by helping with research and talking through the topics as well as everyone who came today. 


Spellings - Set 22 - Test Date: Friday 13th March

posted 5 Mar 2020, 23:54 by Sophie Leeland

TRANSLOGOCOLOURY5 Spellings – Set 22
Test: Friday 13th March

Word list


guessed / guest

heard / herd

led / lead

aisle / isle

aloud / allowed

affect / effect

assent / ascent



Words that are pronounced the same but spelt differently and are often confused.


guessed: past tense of the verb to guess.

guest: visitor .

heard: past tense of the verb to hear.

herd: a group of animals.

led: past tense of the verb to lead.

lead: present tense of the above word or a heavy metal (noun).

aisle: a gangway between seats (in a church, plane, train).

isle: an island.

aloud: out loud.

allowed: permitted.

affect: usually a verb – to influence or make a difference to.

effect: usually a noun - a result or an influence.

assent: to agree.

ascent: to go up.

Spellings - Set 21 - Test Date - Friday 6th March 2020

posted 4 Mar 2020, 09:01 by Sophie Leeland

TRANSLOGOCOLOURY5 Spellings – Set 21
Test: Friday 6th March

Word list


kick / kicked / kicking


jump / jumped / jumping


beg / begged / begging


swap / swapped / swapping


tag / tagged / tagging


grin / grinned / grinning


back / backed / backing


help / helped / helping


grip / gripped / gripping


REVISION– ed, -ing

Spelling Rule: When a short vowel is followed by one consonant at the end of the root word, double the last consonant and add (ed) or (ing).

short vowel + one consonant  = double

If the short vowel is followed by two consonants mp, as in the word jump, the last consonant is not doubled - jumping.

short vowel + two consonants = do not double

Spellings - Set 19 - Test: Friday 14th February

posted 7 Feb 2020, 04:48 by Sophie Leeland   [ updated 7 Feb 2020, 04:49 ]

             Y5 Spellings – Set 19
             Test: Friday 14th February

Word list























Adding different suffixes (word endings).


Generally, root words that end in a consonant should not be changed.


For root words that end in e, the e should be removed before the suffix is added.


Using PE equipment in space??

posted 4 Feb 2020, 09:36 by Sian Granville

As a part of our Fantastic Voyage learning, toady we have learnt about the relationship between the Sun, the Earth and our Moon. Using PE equipment, we made models to show how the Earth orbits the sun, rotating on its axis to give us day and night. We also looked at how the moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago! Having labelled the models, we looked at other groups' work and the information they had chosen to include. 


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