Castleton Residential 2015

posted 22 Mar 2015, 06:05 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 22 Mar 2015, 06:15 ]
You may have seen the Video diary from our first day at Castleton, well here are some more exciting videos and pictures from our fabulous trip.

It was a super three days, the weather was great, the instructors were knowledgeable (and cheeky), the solar eclipse was impressive, the food was delicious, the activities were amazing, and the pupils (and teachers) are now exhausted!

The theme of Challenge by Choice was explored by everyone, in terms of, not just physical activities, but taking greater independent responsibility, co-operation and social skills.

Thanks to everyone who helped out: Mr Fletcher, Mr Percy, Mrs Dungworth, Miss Henstock, Mr Chatterton and Mrs Hopkinson, as well as all the parents and children. As you will see and hear, it was a trip to remember.

Video Diary of our long walks on Thursday

The children's reflections on the day, followed by their song ably accompanied by Mr Percy:

Thursday Long Walk


Zip Wire

High Ropes



Obstacle Course

The Evening's Entertainment